A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time

An accident in the butchers shop leads Norman Pitkin and Mr Grimsdale to the hospital where, after causing the normal ammount of chaos, Pitkin finds Lindy, a little girl who hasn't spoken or smiled since her parents were killed in an aeroplane accident. Pitkin decides to help.

An accident in the butchers shop leads Norman and Mr Grimsdale to the hospital where, after causing the normal ammount of chaos, Norman finds Lindy, a little girl who hasn't spoken or ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (fr) wrote: I watched this a month ago and have already forgotten almost everything about it and have no idea how it ended or what the point was. I am guessing it can't have been that great.

Soka R (fr) wrote: If you can get over the whole "gangster life" act that those kids have, you will find an enjoyable and entertaining monster movie.

Joe C (es) wrote: If you dont do some stuff with the number 23 afte this movie, you're not human.

Debby S (nl) wrote: this is one of the most touching movies i've ever seen - some of the vignettes aren't as well-executed as others, but maybe it's only because i don't have as much experience in some aspects of life to completely connect with some of the characters. regardless, this is definitely worth watching!

Janina A (ru) wrote: Zoe Zoe Zoe! I love the Soundtrack.Hall and Oates's "Private Eyes" was perfect for this movie.Finn Taylor please make more movies.

hannah b (fr) wrote: i love this film, saw it like 2 years ago when my sis got it and its just a really good chick flick and with the britsh lads in it and our humour lol. joseph fiennes is nice aswell. its a really good sweet rom com film. its a lil confusing for some people but i thought it was great. see for yourself.

Todd S (gb) wrote: Billed as another Goodfellas, Little Odessa is the story of a mafia hitman returning home to do a job, as well as seeing the poor immigrant family he left behind. The story is great, the movie is not. Tim Roth is fantastic as the disowned, disgraced, murderous son. Roth always gives a very strong performance and does so again here. Edward Furlong, one of my favorites, unfortunately does not do as well. I've seen him in enough things to know, it's not his fault, it's the writing. This film is so dark and painfully slow that I barely made it through. Very little is explained and the dialogue is laughable, even at times non-existent. There are huge plot holes to go along with an ending that makes little sense. The writer was trying to tell his story more through imagery and symbolism in a genre that is based on action. You can't pull off something like this without explaining more of the story and using it to move things along. It's not the worst film I've ever seen, but to be honest, I was bored from start to finish.

Adrian Z (ca) wrote: Best College movie of all time.

Sarah G (us) wrote: Great movie! The scene on the cover they show with the synopsis on flixster is not even in the movie... so that's a little misleading, I guess. But great acting! I haven't seen Chris Cooper in a role like this and he was amazing. The story is obviously Hollywood-ized. I'm sure their love story was a lot less dramatic but the drama makes for an excellent film.

Keith R (fr) wrote: The book was ahead of its time. The film is too. Incredible modernism.

Alondie H (br) wrote: This film was messy from that start. Bland, boring and poor poor Adam Brody. He deserves better material than this .

Aaron B (it) wrote: Frightening, with lots of action.