A Stormy Night

A Stormy Night


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:A Stormy Night 1950 full movies, A Stormy Night torrents movie

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A Stormy Night torrent reviews

Greg W (nl) wrote: a delightful and sometimes funny lil rom-com from south of the border

Javier E (au) wrote: Cinta sobre gente mediocre que de repente (gracias a todo el tiempo libre que tienen) se ven influenciados por Sherlock Holmes y empiezan a resolver un misterio, con pipa incluida. Venia muy bien resenada, como de las mejores del ano pasado, pero no deja de ser una pelicula "indie" con actores desconocidos que hacen su mejor esfuerzo para sostener una historia de 90 mins que es demasiado trivial y urbana para hacer una diferencia entre tanta oferta cinematografica.

Juls XD H (au) wrote: wow ! without any dude one of the best movies on 2012 really i loved it !!

Petros V (it) wrote: opws perimena kai akoma kalytero.mpravo ston Xaralampopoulo pou edeikse talento kai sto grapsimo,h tainia einai kinimatografikh,ki oxi thleoptikh opws synithizetai. genika einai mia xara diaskedastikh,exei kai tis atakes ths,komple me ap'ola extra kokkino piperi

Alastair K (kr) wrote: Families really need to talk more. At least over Whats app or something...

Aubrey B (ag) wrote: I wish I hadn't found out.

Kyle M (br) wrote: Thrilling and gripping with an original, yet forgettable, direction that's almost like "Die Hard 2" while the violence and overdone contents trying to lower down the film's level with almost a little success. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Alice V (es) wrote: I would quite like to see this now!

Art S (gb) wrote: That wasn't exactly my 1980s (Poison, Motley Crue) but there is enough cheesy stuff from the decade on display here (when John Cusack et al. accidentally travel back in time in their hot tub) to make me wonder how we lived through it. Naturally, Cusack and his friends aren't allowed to change anything in the past to avoid affecting the future but they want to and this is basically the engine that drives the plot. I think that would be enough to create a funny movie but, no, the creative powers behind this one had to layer on the usual unfunny crassness to try to create laughs where laughs aren't. Rob Coddry is particularly grating. (There may also be an odd conservative political undertone). But some of this still works, even if there are tiresome bits to sit through. I'll admit that I'm rarely on the same wavelength with Hollywood comedies, but hey there's Crispin Glover and Chevy Chase and that funny feeling of weird nostalgia now that we're old(er).

Sean J (mx) wrote: This movie was absolutely horrible. I liked the original franchise, this was just garbage. WWE should be embarrassed to have their name attached to this film.

christopher o (br) wrote: it is a ok film. not one u can watch over a over again

Gregory W (es) wrote: though historical;ly inaccurate still worth watching.

Donald L (ag) wrote: It went to the basics. Simple summer movie plot with some fun tie ins to real history. Toned down on the lame over the top humor. Then just filled the rest with eye popping mindless thrilling action. At some point I felt like I was watching the first movie for the first time again. Best of all, no Megan Fox and steady camera angles during the actions scenes. Nearly perfect for my expectations for a Michael bay Transformers movie. In the end though all I wanted to see is robots beating the living shit out of each other and that's exactly what I got.

Charmie Sue F (gb) wrote: Great depiction of a small town!!! Loved it - I laughed, I cried.

M C (es) wrote: Wow. Heartbreaking and inspiring.