A Study in Terror

A Study in Terror

When Watson reads from the newspaper there have been two similar murders near Whitechapel in a few days, Sherlock Holmes' sharp deductive is immediately stimulated to start its merciless method of elimination after observation of every apparently meaningless detail. He guesses right the victims must be street whores, and doesn't need long to work his way trough a pawn shop, an aristocratic family's stately home, a hospital and of course the potential suspects and (even unknowing) witnesses who are the cast of the gradually unraveled story of the murderer and his motive.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson join the hunt for the notorious serial killer, Jack The Ripper. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saleem L (br) wrote: My most favourite film ever! Could watch it every day! Mar di Tau the mother of lions is the most bravest living thing you'll ever see.

Jaime L (ag) wrote: Notable only for the acting by Michael Shannon, the story itself was rather dull for me.

N F (au) wrote: This film was very eye-opening, though not really as uplifting as I had hoped/expected. It??s a very interesting look at the turtle/tortoise crisis through the lens of one individual who gave all in attempts to create a the largest turtle/tortoise foundation in America. Though his dream failed, there is hope in the others that were willing to home his 1200 turtles/tortoises. I think the film brings a lot into awareness about what we need to do for this species? though I do feel blue after watching it. And I am looking forward to getting a Russian Tortoise in April. While my parents were originally going to buy one at the pet store from me, I will now be adopting it through a foundation in CA. (1-9-09)

Marc G (nl) wrote: Very sentimental sweet film.

Stephanie L (es) wrote: Nice big sister little sister movie

Jesse K (fr) wrote: The acting is cheesy (not necessarily a bad thing) and the ending is a little disappointing, but Behind The Mask is still extremely entertaining. It wouldn't be the same without Nathan Baesel's OUTSTANDING performance.

Alex G (gb) wrote: One of those films every American should see. It reveals things about the war that needed to be made known long ago.

Mike R (nl) wrote: I LOVE the puppet masters. Even the new EXTREMELY cheesy ones.

jon m (ru) wrote: The plot is just ridculous! Rob lowe's character gets money from having sex with a rich chick, then has sex with his dream girl (who is still in a relationship during the whole movie), gets forced to team up with his dream girls boyfriend to win a race, and then ends up with alley sheedy at the very end of the movie.

Scott C (mx) wrote: Ultra annoying first feature from Ron Howard.

Patrik H (nl) wrote: i'm hungry, i should get some bakery fresh cinnamon rolls

Carlos M (gb) wrote: Except for one touching moment and a hilarious poisoning scene, this uneven "comedy of murders" is of extreme bad taste and has a serious problem in structure and tone - placing a putrid character in such a sloppy attempt at a commentary.

Mary R (ca) wrote: Oh yeah this looks like oscar material.