A Super Fêmea

A Super Fêmea

Beautiful model is hired to star a campaign to sell a new product: the male contraceptive pill. But it isn't easy to win the confidence of its target market, since people believe it causes impotence.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,   model,   sex,  

Beautiful model is hired to star a campaign to sell a new product: the male contraceptive pill. But it isn't easy to win the confidence of its target market, since people believe it causes impotence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (es) wrote: Has it's entertaining moments but everything has that familiar, seen it all before kinda feel.

WS W (fr) wrote: Partially amusing but not that interesting on the whole.

Timothy S (nl) wrote: The ridiculously titled "Creep Van" is a B-movie that someone put a little effort into (apart from that title), and it's marginally better than hundreds just like it. The budget seems a little higher than most, as the production values are better than we've come to expect, and the script is full of some humor and light touches that make it a little easier to bear as well.He's probably never going to make it to the big leagues, but Brian Kolodziej is actually quite appealing in the lead role. However, outside of a funny cameo from Troma king Lloyd Kaufman, the rest of the cast is forgettable. The film is basically a weird hybrid of "Christine" and "Saw", a riff on the urban legend you heard as a kid about the spooky van cruising neighborhoods, but unfortunately, it leaves too many unanswered questions to be successful.It never explains any kind of motivation for this killer and his tricked out vehicle, and there's no rhyme or reason for his crimes. Many of which occur in broad daylight around busy streets and parking lots, I might add. There's an entire subplot dealing with a drug dealer and twenty-five pounds of weed gone missing that goes nowhere and doesn't fit in with the rest of the story.And frankly, the film (while better than most) isn't good enough to preoccupy your mind and keep it from wondering about such things. There are some decent moments, and some outlandishly brutal murders but the lack of a cohesive story prevents "Creep Van" from rising any further out of the muck than it does.

Daniel P (fr) wrote: This movie strikes a tone that few before it have, and presents a undergraduate environment as one in which people aren't who they seem to be and are always putting on airs to disguise their weakness of spirit, morals or intellect. The ending was wacky and I couldn't get my head around it, but for most of the film the characters and the conversations were interesting despite the uncommon language they used. The film is full of little ironies and the characters hypocritical, and yet, it doesn't come off as satirical; in fact, I found I could relate to it, more than five years after finishing my BA. The cripplingly good intentions are something to behold, as is the self-obsession and projection, but what's remarkable about the movie is that it's still all rather happy... and not in that saccharine or hollowly nostalgic way that college movies usually are; I genuinely liked these characters while simultaneously watching them be repulsive. A solid story of anti-heroes that would play well with fans of HBO's Girls or Sex and the City (the TV series, not the cheap cinematic cash-ins), and a film that can generate a lot of discussion about altruism and whether or not it's completely dead. Worth checking out, if only because no two people will read it the same way.

Alex S (fr) wrote: Typically a fan of Sam Mendes, I was relatively disappointed with this movie. While the direction is fine and done in a safe way, I've seen Sam Mendes do so much more in that department. Having said that, the movie wasn't "bad". The two leads did a good job and even with some cliches, there are enough differences from the normal road trip movie to still have an emotional effect.

Pavel R (es) wrote: excelent appearance of Jan Triska. pervert, non-christian, funny, great. I like it more than Prassolinis Saloo. Question is "Who's mad?" ;)

Jonathan H (ca) wrote: loved it, great indie flick with highly talented acting. gritty.

VeliPekka I (kr) wrote: Aikuisille suunnattu animaatio jonka juonessa olisi ollut huomattavasti enemmn puristettavaa. Loppu lssht kuin lasten elokuvien tapaan. Piirrostyyli karkeaa ja hahmot ankeita. Paras pala : 4 eksyneen kaverin mkinvaltaus.

A Z (jp) wrote: Good, but not great. Westfeldt was herself, but something was missing here.

Josh F (au) wrote: Solid, not spectacular. Amazing cast, when you consider where they were in their careers. Solid movie.

Horatio T (ru) wrote: One of Fellini's most hypnotic films.

Sarah R (kr) wrote: One of the few movies from 1957 that are really, really funny. And not just in a campy way. It's funny. See it.