A Talking Cat!?!

A Talking Cat!?!

A mysterious talking cat uses its powers of communication to enrich the lives of two different families, and bring them together.

A sassy feline helps a family resolve its problems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JH K (us) wrote: Genial, pero por la historia; con el documental tengo mis reparos, sobre el montaje, estructura, y sobre todo la inmensa falta de datos de la persona sobre el que trata, apenas habla a camara y no se nos cuenta nada de el, su musica, como se formo, sus raices, etc... porque realmente acabas queriendo saber mas de el; Aun asi la historia es magica, es pura belleza, emociona, atrapa, estremece, es una preciosidad llena de emociones y momentos irrepetibles... y ademas te descubre un pedazo de music. IMPRESCINDIBLE.

Jonathon G (au) wrote: Watched The Brass Teapot on OnDemand awhile back and for the first time in awhile, I got to watch a clever well-crafted indie that had a good ending and a great overall message. With the right amounts of a fun, comedy,drama, and whimsical movie magic, The Brass Teapot takes a relatable story and puts a fresh spin on the concept of what would happen if a struggling couple found a "cash cow." The direction was steadfast and true through the entire film, and Juno Temple and Michael Angarano give very honest and real performances. I dont understand a lot of the negative comments towards the film but, I highly recommend.

Taryn F (br) wrote: A interesting tale of love & life!

Hanna J (ru) wrote: Loved it, it was so good! Very emotional, enjoyed the Arthur Azuka reveal and the sountrack is fantastic!

brendan n (es) wrote: moves at a snails pace and never really comes to life. very moody but its all for nothing when the pacing is all wrong and the cast can't rise above anything more then conventional thriller. could of been interesting but sadly this film is lacking

emily h (mx) wrote: it was interesting i guess, good to watch in classes

Rick Q (au) wrote: It's funny, but it doesn't feel like anything we haven't already seen, and much more hilariously so, in The Pink Panther and A Shot In The Dark.

Ramaraju U (fr) wrote: It's great to see Lee Van (the bad) on horse.

Matthew M (au) wrote: Aubrey Plaza is the best thing about this movie

Demetri E (ag) wrote: One of the most beloved films that I had growing up. I wonder if I was crazy or the film was just what I needed, but it was funny, and spirit lifting, and just a bit of sex in it, and such... One of the best things for a pubertate boy to see. Also, friends and friendship. And adventures. And Europe, even if it all was Prague all along. Even US and Bratislava were Prague. That is awesome.

Peter F (fr) wrote: The only Rambo film that mattered.

Diana W (us) wrote: I understand that only so much can be put in a movie due to time limit; trust me I took a class on it, so I understand why the director had to cut some stuff but they cut some of the most important parts of the Bible that a majority of Christians cherish. Like the Last Supper for example.

Joseph C (kr) wrote: Shakespeare's first tragedy, driven (without much help) into becoming an almost baroque black comedy, as others have already noted below. Very powerful performances from Hopkins and company. This was a very heady experiment; the grisly, atypical Shakespearean violence matched only by breathtaking and august visual style. Perhaps the surrealism of the film is the best way to tell this grim story. Still, the film ends with a note of hope, a faint beginning of life in the midst of suffering and death. One of the most powerful adaptations of any Shakespeare work.

Johnny T (mx) wrote: Pretty formulaic stuff: bland self-empowerment tinged with warm fuzzies in all the right places. But what makes this "Somebody" something is Pasquin's deft touch and understanding with the material. The picture is nearly stolen, however, by co-star Greg Germann (of TV's Ally McBeal) in the role of Joe's company's resident corporate weasel. Germann's squinty-eyed insincerity is truly a marvel to behold, and it's an astringent corrective to the film's rather too frequent feel-good passages. It isn't until Joe starts getting confident and cocky that Allen starts to feel a little more natural in the role, and by then the movie's plot has all but evaporated into a series of wispy gags that barely register. VERDICT: "Some Ole' Bulls**t" - Second lowest rating (Negative reaction). These films are truly terrible films. They are not the worst things ever made, but they are definitely awful and should not be seen by anyone.