A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey

Focuses on a working class girl who is struggling to create a life for herself with her gay co-worker after becoming pregnant from a one-night stand with a black sailor.

Abandoned by her sailor boyfriend and her man-hungry mother (Dora Bryan), pregnant Jo (Rita Tushingham) befriends a kind-hearted gay man (Murray Melvin), and gradually becomes a woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hassan R (nl) wrote: start might have been a bit week but 2nd half was a lot of fun and very interesting

dave c (us) wrote: With the new movie Cowboys and Aliens out i thought it would be something a bit different to watch this film which is a sci-fi western. I didnt have high hopes at all but i can honestly say its not bad. For a low budget film it copes with making the aliens believable. Most of the characters are likeable and it doesn't have a stupid ending like a lot of low budget sci-fi films tend to have. NTWA.

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Jared S (br) wrote: Wow it was cheesy! But what do you expect!

Emily N (ca) wrote: This is probably one of the best and most important movies that I have ever watched. I learned a lot from this movie that I would not have put forth the time (at least right now) to learn about, and it made me want to do something about. It was funny, sad, scary and overall left me with a sense of hope and dispair because people haven't done anything different since to bring about change. I thought it did a good job focusing on different types of children and easily being able to see what type of adult they would grow up to be. Very good documentary.

Ben T (jp) wrote: Cute movie with a great Robin Williams performance.

Felicity Q (ag) wrote: Can't get enough of u x)

Chosen 7 (fr) wrote: The film mainly centers on the charismatic and arrogant character Tom Sterling [portrayed by Hartnett] trying to keep the Dotcom company he started with his genius brother afloat as it begins to fold, spending money frivolously to make it seem as though the company is doing well...all while trying to rekindle a romance with his ex-girlfriend Sarrah [portrayed by the beautiful Naomie Harris]. Great performance by Josh Hartnett - he was brilliant in this film, he delivered quite possibly his best performance and pretty much carried this film. Good supporting performances by Adam Scott ["Step Brothers","Party Down"], Andre Royo ["The Wire"], Robin Tunney ["Prison Break","The Craft"], Rip Torn ["Men In Black"], Emmanuelle Chriqui ["Entourage"], David Bowie [who was only in one scene--which he stole], and Naomie Harris ["Ninja Assassin","The Tomorrow People"]. Great cinematography, directing [by Austin Chick], and good writing. It reminded me of "Boiler Room" at times, mainly because of some of the dialogue and the fact that they never really explained what the company actually did...only that it had to do with the net. Overall this film is an interesting character study, but it kind of drags and it's mainly the stellar performances that keep it going and almost make up for it not being that compelling.

Gavin M (jp) wrote: This could have easily been one of the best movies ever made. The whole movie is a real spectacle to watch, but unfortunately the end is not very satisfying.

blanky a (de) wrote: In an attempt to show both sides of the issue, director Walter Hill and the screenwriters occasionally demonstrate Geronimo's brutality, though they tip the scales by painting him as noble, philosophical and quick with a quip. Still, the character comes off as superficial, despite Studi's excellent, shaded performance. There's only so much an actor can do when he is given such little screen time and his role is so underdeveloped. What would have been wrong with doing a movie about the life of this Apache warrior? Or even focusing on how he survived in the desert during this period? Or how his life changed when he later went to prison in Florida? Does anyone really care about how much Gatewood and Davis anguish over their roles in the genocide of the American Indian? On the positive side, in addition to Studi, there is Duvall as Siebert, who gets all the best lines and knows precisely what to do with them (though this character may remind you a bit too much of his "Lonesome Dove" turn), as well as Hackman, who lends his considerable authoritative presence to a role that is all too small. Many minor roles are also filled well, with special kudos to Steve Reevis as an Apache scout for the cavalry. In the end, though it is an entertaining picture and may prompt some audience members to seek out more information about Geronimo and the history that surrounds him, the movie should - and could - have been much, much more.

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Cody B (es) wrote: Bleak and fatalistic. Gritty and sparse. I'm in the minority here, I see, but I think this was done well. If someone wants to watch I, Robot, have them watch this instead.

Paul A (nl) wrote: The Ending was pretty dumb, It had some funny moments though and the scenery wasn't that bad. I can't give it anymore then 1 star out of 5 though, the ending scenes were abysmal.

Richard C (gb) wrote: Simply joyful and full of exuberance and well loved 80's songs add to this fun-filled mixture of comedy, music and drama that will have you re-visiting your 80's vinyl and cd collection for many weeks after watching. Choreography is as sharp as a new pin and the feelgood factor (as well as the x factor in the form of a surprisingly good Leona lewis) is out in force. A great summer movie.