A Test of Love

A Test of Love

In the 1970s, Jessica Hathaway (Angela Punch McGregor) joins the staff of Brentwood Hospital, a government facility for handicapped children in Melbourne, Australia. One of her patients is ...

It tells the story of a young female social worker who begins work at a hospital for retarded children, and discovers that some of the psychological problems attributed to these children are incorrectly diagnosed. Proving this to be the case is difficult, however, as it is generally accepted that as those who are 'profoundly retarded' cannot communicate, therefore they cannot think. In the case of Annie O'Farrell (Tina Arhondis), finding a way for her to 'talk', other than speaking or writing, finally shows that she is not only able to think, but is highly intelligent. The battle against the hospital to acknowledge this in a legal sense goes to court, as the psychiatrists try to hide their misdiagnosis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monika W (au) wrote: It takes a little while to get involved in the story, but once you do it tells an intriguing story about a romance that forms during The Holocaust. It would have been even more romantic had he not been married to someone else at the time!

Paul D (ag) wrote: A bit weird at first, the cinematography is very interesting though, it is just too much as a feature though, especially with no real storyline.

Thomas L (us) wrote: At an hour and forty-five minutes, they shouldn't have spent an hour building up to Schultze's going to the bayou. I fell for the premise right away, but the pacing was far too lax. Schultze's little country cottage and his quiet life are quite charming, but we get pretty quickly that he leads a hermetical life. Too much time was spent on that. Once he got to the bayou, though, things really got interesting. It just made me wish all the more that they hadn't taken so long to get him there. My antsiness gave me time to notice the fact that director Michael Schorr couldn't afford a dolly, so that every single scene is filmed with a stationary camera. I didn't mind it exactly. You can't begrudge the filmmaker the budget (or lack thereof). But if he'd fixed his story's pacing, I probably wouldn't've noticed at all.

Ni K (es) wrote: When I watched this film I had no idea about its first part. This was probably the first movie I felt in love with and also the one I've watched the most times. Then I was informed about the first part and watch it also but I think the second part is still the best, not even mentioning the third one.This second part is basically the conversation between two characters. The mam and the women are talking about bunch of different things which are happening in their life but there conversations are really meaningful and interesting.So, that's a love story. Very beautiful love story and very unique. The movie is full of beautiful scenes and moments you will love and rest like everything acting, directing, sounds, music, script and aaall rest are simply beautiful! You want regret watching this film.

Andrejs P (it) wrote: a noir film that keeps you guessing who did it. did some random dude who was neighbor of the son whose mother was shot do the killing? was it the little black kids? was it a neo nazi hit? was it some type of Jewish conspiracy? In the end it really doesnt matter who did it, the movie is really about how Mantegna's character is on an island by himself. And just when he thinks he's found out who he thinks he is, his entire world comes crashing down on top of him. on the surface this movie might not seem that entertaining, but if you allow yourself to get into the head of Mantegna's charactor and what he must be going through, it will make the movie more enjoyable.....

Haley E (it) wrote: I looooooved this movie from the moment I started watching it. I admit, it was a bit sluggish at first, but this is one of the movies I love because the director knew that people wouldn't sit around forever to watch a horror movie unless it really is good. What it may (or may not) have lacked in that quality, he made up for with interesting effects, an evenly timed plot, and a very interesting story based around one of the most famous roads in the U.S. Using the popularity of this one road and making a horrific tale from it-very well done. Loved the actors a much as the story, Lou played Jack very well, and L.Q. did the part of Sheriff Conaway good with his portrayal. Though this movie will never have another in its name, I'm hoping that someone will be able to recreate this or juggle the same concept at some point in the future.

Jacob B (jp) wrote: 'Aberdeen' may give us a few questions and the script can be unsure of itself a few times. But the performances by Stellan Skarsgard and Lena Headey are good with this one.

Daniel W (jp) wrote: A Great British classic. Pete Postlethwaite is missed.

Eric H (ca) wrote: This film has an interesting premise but not fully developed as it should had been. Oscar-Winners:Washington and Crowe keeps your interest with this film. This wild, loud, action-fest is long on violence and short on sense. This watchable film is a mess and Crowe seems to be having a ball playing this Computerized Futuristic Killer. Ex-Porn Star:Traci Lords appears in a Cameo. Watch this move because the movie is old enough that we can laugh and cringe at its nineties-ness! Enjoy!

Demonic D (ca) wrote: I have this in my collection under Frat Fright. Pretty good slasher flik

Willie J (au) wrote: I think what makes this film work is that the lead characters are relatable. I'm sure there is a Sandy or a Jonathan is most people. Their experiences are realistic, they are presented as situations that could happen to anyone. I think what keeps the film from reaching the heights it wanted to reach was its script. I feel there was so much it wanted to say, but couldn't express it well enough. It has its moments of brilliance but then it fades into dullness. I also believe another problem may be the characters themselves. Because they are not ever content they always go through the same cycles, therefore the film becomes repetitive, giving the same messages in similar manners.

Matt K (it) wrote: Relatively high production value and special effects for the time in which it was made, the word part of the moth itself. Don't ask questions like, "Why is it impervious to bullets and flames?" Just go with it.

Michael T (de) wrote: The only thing special about this Universal musicomedy is the first screen appearance of Bud Abbott & Lou Costello (third-billed) who recreate their famous "Who's On First" routine.

Ps G (de) wrote: The best performance of Halle Berry.