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A Thousand and One Nights


Five different exploits of Sinbad the sailor where he gets mixed up with the pretty daughters of exotic potentates, with powerful monsters that threaten his existence, and with all sorts of teeming jungle life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Cindy V (kr) wrote: Very slow and not much going on. Would rate zero if I could

Andy K (mx) wrote: Historical ! Legendary ! Magnificent ! Priceless ! One of a kind ... No other sports biopics like it ! I especially like the tactic of the director to show re-created scenes and events from Seve's life as a child in Spanish countryside poverty and his passionate & aspiring pursuits for thriving as a pro golfer ! #LikeISaid #PRICELESS

Olly N (es) wrote: Didn't think it was possible but was worse than paranormal activity

Geoffroy B (ca) wrote: GAL a le merite d'expliquer les evenements mais ne s'attarde pas assez sur les motivations de l'ETA et ne retranscrit pas assez l'ampleur du mouvement terroriste. Jose Garcia a bien du mal a s'imposer a l'ecran mais le tournage en espagnol y est peu etre pour quelque chose..

bill s (es) wrote: Crap.....though I tried not to but damn it if this tear jerking chick-flick didn't rope me in.

Eric G (au) wrote: Cheesy and not worth anyone's time. You know those movies that are so bad they're good? This isn't one of them.

FactionDave 0 (es) wrote: Tom Cruise manages to create a performance so real and so soul crushing it makes us feel bad for watching him suffer when we realise that this movie is a lot more real than we realise.Oliver Stone manages to make one the best movies of his career and it's a truly memorable one.

Mellow C (ru) wrote: If you like Vampires you should like this one. I love it. It has David Carradine in it.

Liam G (ca) wrote: little know Miyazaki concept that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling you get at the end of the classics like "my neighbor Totoro" and "spirited away" but all the way through. theres no message theres no motif just a panda. who wears a HAT and goes to work! simply stunning.

Tsubaki S (au) wrote: Finally, Kinski as a lead in a western, which happens to be a very atmospheric flick, thanks to the direction of horror veteran Antonio Margheriti. The story is 100% straightfoward, it's in the mood and style where the movie gets it's identity. This is what sets apart a dull and lifeless flick like "God Forgives" from a movie with an actual personality like this one.

Onie S (ru) wrote: Good story. Not a fan of the band but it's hard to not cheer for Pineda.

Colin K (ru) wrote: Well, it has a great helicopter chase.

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