A Thousand Elephants

A Thousand Elephants

A father and son help each other through growing up, romance, tragedy, and adventure.

A father-son relationship through growing up, romance, tragedy, and adventure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura S (fr) wrote: Cuando la realidad supera a la ficcin y se crean joyitas como sta.

Justin K (ca) wrote: How the HELL is Frank Welker or Peter Cullen not interviewed or mentioned in this documentary ? A gaping hole in this otherwise comprehensive and insightful look into the voice acting profession.

Nicholas K (kr) wrote: A (very) low budget action-horror B movie that truly earns its cult status, Dog Soldiers is grim, violent, darkly funny, and about as subtle as a wrecking ball.

cli o (gb) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

MarkJason S (nl) wrote: I was 14 when this movie dropped

MEC r (jp) wrote: This movie is ok. Nothing that spectacular though.

Mark D (au) wrote: awful sequel to an average film.

Sam L (it) wrote: Probably my favorite German film.

Edward C (au) wrote: I,, Frankenstein (2014)Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski, Bill Nighy, Jai Courtney, Miranda Otto, Caitilin Stasey, Kevin Grevioux, Aden Young, Deniz Akdeniz, Chris Pang, Socratis Otto, Steve Mouzakis, and Bruce SpenceWritten By: Stuart BeattieDirected By:Stuart BeattieReviewIn the battle between good and evil, an immortal holds the key.I don't know what to say about this load of crap, I mean this is literally the worst horror film I have ever seen since all the other bad horror films I've seen. This movie feels like a blatant rip-off of Underworld and possibly legion which is terrible.The film revolves around Frankenstein trying to find out who is(I guess)one night two-hundred years ago he encounters some demons and they are killed by the gargoyles that defend us. He leaves and tries to set out and walk through his life but is still hunted by the demons and he decides to hunt them. The demons plan to reincarnate their souls into body's that don't have souls to produce an army to destroy the gargoyles and mankind but Frankenstein is the key to stopping that.Never again will I see a movie like this I hope cause this is the most bland movie I have ever seen. While I was watching it I didn't feel like I was watching a film but just stuff for an hour and a half. The effects are the worst I have seen all year, the only good thing I can say about this load of garbage is that it has one enjoyable fight but after it's just plain blandness again.I never watched a Frankenstein movie before but since this was my first I just hope the movies are better cause this was a piece of crap. The slow-mo is utilized a couple of times in this movie but not to the point of bitter annoyance thankfully. The movie need to have more fast-paced fighting.I, Frankenstein sucks, it is the worst film I have seen all year. I give this film a half out of five.

Armando P (es) wrote: Solid start but low ending

Victor D (ru) wrote: Brutal, yes. But a tense horror story that catches your attention and makes you jump out of your chair. A true horror of Leatherface.

Oliver N (mx) wrote: By no means a complete movie, Con Air is everything you would expect from a little '90s action movie: ridiculous, over-the-top action and poor dialogue. I ended up seeing this in a cabin near the Grand Canyon with family and every one of them was laughing throughout the duration of it. That itself sums up the movie, some will hate it... And others find it just plain hilarious.Verdict: B