A Thousand Months

A Thousand Months

1981, Morocco. A village in the Atlas mountains. A city in the distance. A child. A family facing its destiny.

1981, Morocco. A village in the Atlas mountains. A city in the distance. A child. A family facing it'sdestiny. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan P (jp) wrote: Never heard of this film but I found it on Netflix.

Luc L (us) wrote: Average cops and robbers film.

John (jp) wrote: This was a great film! I saw an add for it on the 'Phantasm' dvd from Anchor Bay.(Same as the 'Kenny and Co.' preview) After seeing the add, and Don's other films I knew I wanted this one too. It was a great story, awesome movie, and would mention this to others who are into action packed flics.

Dave J (de) wrote: Monday, September 17, 2012 (1954) Sansho The Bailiff (In Japanese with English subtitles) PERIOD PIECE DRAMA The name "Sansho The Bailiff" is the name of the sadistic authority leader and dictator of some remote region who enjoys exploiting the impoverished as well as the poor in the worst possible manner where they're treated worst than human, depicting a particular time in Japanese folklore. At the beginning of the film introduces us to a family in which leaders disapprove of a father's doing as leader which is treating it's farmers and it's pupils with dignity and with human kindness forcing him and his family to live in exile resulting in seperating the father from his wife and two kids. The wife and her two children eventually get sucked into the world of human smuggling splitting them apart between two rural areas in Japan leading to more heartache. But the good eventually prevails except that it took way too long to get their. 2.5 out of 4

Anthony S (es) wrote: I couldn't hear a lot of the film because I was in a noisy room, but it was pretty boring from what I could tell.

jay n (us) wrote: One of the original angry young man films is extremely well acted by the leads but is a rather dispiriting experience to sit through.