A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill

A young lawyer defends a black man accused of murdering two men who raped his 10-year-old daughter, sparking a rebirth of the KKK.

The movie follows a young lawyer as he defends a black man accused of murdering two men who violently raped and beaten then dumped his 10-year-old daughter in a river, sparking a rebirth of Ku Klux Klan and the Civil Rights Movement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenna G (br) wrote: I really loved the book and the film holds up, with a good performance from Vikander and some wonderful cinematography. Not as emotional or powerful as the novel, though.

Kristina K (nl) wrote: An enjoyable Anime written and directed in the traditional Japanese style. Lovely and not stressful. You will not find twists but very reasonable script :)

Chris N (it) wrote: The mix of animatronics with real crocodile footage actually isn't horrible, The story is more believeable and well done than most cheap creature-features, but the usual bad acting is there of course. Best scene is yes there is a 20 foot crocodile in that pool, no they somehow don't see that

Michelle P (mx) wrote: You know there's trouble. This elaborates.

Jeff P (ca) wrote: Shite! Too much on the go and too many side stories. They probably just did that to make the movie longer. Just made it boring.

Aleksandar J (br) wrote: Mislim da mi je ovaj film bio solidan kad sam ga gledao, ali u medjuvremenu mi je POTPUNO izvjetrio iz pamcenja.

Prateek G (gb) wrote: Awesome movie .. I am not a big Sharukh's fan but loved this movie like anything. So well directed and so well acted by Gyatri and SRK

Claudia R (br) wrote: Kristin Scott Thomas se luce como siempre... Un gran drama!

Kris G (de) wrote: Sling Blade is a film of contrasts. Light and dark tones are masterfully balanced, offering up some of the sweetest, most heart warming scenes you could hope to find in a film & on the flip side a character so blatantly written to be as scummy, controlling & narrow minded as humanly possible plus several gruesome deaths forming the centre point of the story. It's because the light and dark is balanced so well, the movie as a whole is so effective.Billy Bob Thornton proves himself as a powerhouse. This is his rodeo through and through. The script feels lived in and informed by personal experience, the direction is as unfussy and simple as the films lead character Karl and finally, Thornton's performance commands attention yet is so understated, playing Karl with a higher degree of self awareness than you may expect.True, this is Billy Bob's movie, but the rest of the cast are more than game to meet the challenge of the script in creating a believable world for the characters to play in. The most jarring detail in the movie ends up being just how two tone it is. Black. White. No shades of grey. There are two characters that would fit the villain mold. They at no point show even a hint of redeeming qualities, which makes the eventual ending an expected one, not a surprise.This is just a minor nitpick and certainly not important in the big scheme of things. Make no mistake, this film is on a hard and fast mission. It just reveals it's hand gradually over the course of 2 plus hours and makes the journey feel half as long.

Doris R (us) wrote: Never saw this movie before but the name Shelley Winters was all I needed to know to want to see it plus of course the fact that she portrayed the infamous Ma Barker that I have heard of but never in great detail. Well, this movie is sort of a short version on what happened, no doubt - albeit there is narration as to what is happening around it all and even a reason given why she became the way she was, whether it is factual or not, it was convincing overall. The story centers more on the sexual and violent exploration of Ma Barker and her four boys, concentrating in particular on one kidnap story that introduces us to all the characters involved, including the two 'outsiders' travelling with the gang. The oldest (portrayed by a most and forever convincing Don Stroud) took his girl-friend and later wife along that did not exactly please mommy and the gay son found himself a playmate during a stint in prison, while the other two boys turned to alcohol and glue sniffing although the youngest may have escalated to harder drugs later on. History tells that they went out in a blaze of glory - one major last shootout - though whether it occurred the way it was portrayed in this movie is very unlikely, particularly the close contact of an extensive audience not far away. Yes, I know, times change but I am pretty sure that even in those days people did not get quite as close 'to the action' as it was shown ... but that is a detail, albeit one that put me off somewhat. The overall performances - as expected with the likes of Shelley Winters, Pat Hingle, Don Stroud and a very young Robert De Niro - were excellent despite a bit of a mediocre script and one-sided storyline, the gist of the family way of life did come across loud and clear and the audience did get a chance to get to know the various characters and what they were all about. I don't really know much about director Roger Corman to comment whether it was his doing or simply the acting of the impressive cast that made this movie an enjoyable view but that is beside the point, really. The feature was entertaining and got across the essence of Ma Barker and her boys - yet another piece of history well worth seeing.

Soyoung Y (mx) wrote: i saw dis in my psychology classes, several. not a lot o' words are needed 2 understand

Aleksandr S (ag) wrote: Possibly the only film noir I couldn't like in any way, except the actors' perfomance.

Brian S (kr) wrote: I suppose "Road to Pacific Island of Undetermined Location or Ethnic Identity" just isn't as catchy a title, but that could just be me being nitpicky....overall a very funny film. Bob and Bing have great comedic chemistry. the supporting cast wasn't outstanding, nor was the general story, but the movie is still enjoyable. a great start to a classic series.

Ethan P (ru) wrote: Basic Instinct is an intense and compelling crime thriller with a complicated plot and a very good performance from Sharon Stone.

Nolan M (ca) wrote: A great horror flick that is a little too close to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but way more gorier.