A Tin Tale

A Tin Tale

The story of a prostitute "Mona Farkha" through a meeting with the director and the scenarist of the movie who don't know anything about her world.

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Kyle B (nl) wrote: Kevin Costner is everything a spy would want to be, but as a father, he is lacking. In attempt to reconnect with his estranged Wife and daughter he hardly knows we get a movie that feels slightly awkward between the family bonding and the on going killing spree he is racking up. But it proves to be an enjoyable ride that comes together nicely, leaving me satisfied at it's conclusion.

shawn p (gb) wrote: Natural Born Killers sponsered by Millets....!

Brandon S (mx) wrote: Excellent performances from the masterful Anthony Hopkins, as well as the brilliant Dame Hellen Mirren. But, sadly, apart from the lovely homage to the greatest filmmaker of all time, Alfred Hitchcock, there isn't really much worth remembering here for my taste. I'm glad that others seem to love it, though.

Swetha S (br) wrote: This is a cute movie. The guy who played iqbal was *very* good looking...

James C (it) wrote: 11111111111111111111111111

Bandido G (ca) wrote: In the vein of Kurosawa Kiyoshi's other films, this is overflowing with the existential and the jellyfish which are kind of the same thing if you think about it.Should be put into the mystery genre as Tadanobu's character's message is not so clear at first glance to the audience or the characters. It is all set up by a blink and you'll miss it breaking of the fourth wall and his breaking of the sixth sense. It might not all make sense but as we get older it's bound to happen.

I M (kr) wrote: I really don't understand why this movie got such low ratings. I think it's inspired!

Natacia K (ru) wrote: i know i've seen this... but i don't remember anything about. not a good sign.

Michael A (it) wrote: It is what it is a low budget student film by the creators of South Park...if you don't like it fuck you.

Marcus W (kr) wrote: Good film with lots of terribly bland songs.

Jos M (ru) wrote: Lew Harper you are the man

Andres R (gb) wrote: A marvelous tale of betrayal and vengeance. Everything unravels phenomenally, making this an excellent gradual masterpiece.

Katie D (it) wrote: Great film, still gives me the creeps now!!

Tatsuhito K (nl) wrote: I don't say this very often, but this film was ridiculously boring and highly overrated. I get that it is trying to make a statement about the nature of man, our primitive instincts, and how civilized men can be cruel and violent in a matter of seconds, but I don't think it works at all. The movie is full of narrative flaws and obvious technical mistakes, and because the characters were so bland, I was never engaged in the story. There are a few very effective scenes that truly disgust me, but for the most part I was just bored. It's a film in which 4 men go on a canoe trip, and some messed up stuff happens along the way. That's pretty much the summary of "Deliverance". A landmark film? I couldn't disagree more.

Daniel P (nl) wrote: Tiresome "comedy" replete with casual homophobia and an utter lack of proper female characters.

bill s (br) wrote: Watchable with a fine quality performance from Murray but just a one time watch.

ClaRita C (nl) wrote: The idea has a great potential and it raises the expectations to some next level violence, but on the contrary it was soft and immature. Seemed like whoever wrote it had some deep grudges over how EARNING money works.

dan u (fr) wrote: I truly enjoyed this movie - great story!