A tiro limpio

A tiro limpio

Martín and Antoine have organized a gang of robbers and get in touch with Román so that he gets them some weapons and a fourth man. Román convinces Picas, a former robber now dedicated to farmer work in a rented farmhouse...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:anarchism,  

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A tiro limpio torrent reviews

Stephanie Z (us) wrote: Just cuz it looks like somewhat interesting reality? I love true stories.

Molly R (it) wrote: Cute holiday movie. Groundhog Day meets Christmas.

Marc L (de) wrote: Il est inutile de revenir sur le scandale provoque par les revelations de la romanciere Misha Defonseca/Monique de Wael (en gros, cette autobiographie poignante est une falsification totale), car l'adaptation cinematographique de "Survivre avec les loups" ne vaut pas tripette. Il est difficile de se passionner pour l'odyssee de cet enfant a travers l'Europe en guerre. Tout y est plat et elliptique. Le souffle et les emotions attendues ne sont pas au rendez-vous, tant la mise en scene est froide et impersonnelle. Restent quelques jolies scenes avec les loups, qui ne comptent malheureusement pas pour grand-chose dans la duree totale du film.

Ryan W (es) wrote: It's a great documentary it was very honest in its portrayal of the surfing gang

Joy E (jp) wrote: It's an interesting and real story yet not my kind of story

Madison S (ca) wrote: I barely survived thirty minutes of this...

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - 9/1/2012)

Apenisa L (au) wrote: its a very brave section....to come thru a great contact.....high morale guys..

Logan M (ag) wrote: Everyone has their own opinion about "Titanic," but to each his own. The famous vessel works as a perfect backdrop for the film's commentary on social status, and Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have such epic screen presence.

Aaron A (gb) wrote: i saw a good title at hbo. i saw it stars halle berry and eliza dushku. i watched. i was disappoined. nothing interesting and not even educational.

Electra D (nl) wrote: A good way of showing that, no matter how hard we try to close the circle, civil wars and everything it actually represents shall always make our best efforts come to an abrupt halt. Nihilism.

Justin T (ca) wrote: Very good and convincing acting, which is pretty much required for a film like this. I was waiting for some Croenenberg weird stuff to happen but the source material was weird enough that he didn't have to do anything. :-p

Ken T (mx) wrote: Set in China in 1913, Peking Opera Blues follows three women and two men as revolutionaries from different backgrounds during China's democratic revolution. The three female leads have all very typically masculine roles, yet maintain their femininity. The film is full of colour and many action set-pieces. It never does really take itself seriously which gives it a sense of fun - despite some graphic violence. The score is so obviously from the 1980s! It is great watching three terrific women together in a film who are all now retired. Reminds the viewer of the once great Hong Kong cinema.

Alailson B (au) wrote: Miyazaki entrega um trabalho inesquecvel, desde o cuidadoso trabalho de direo, at os timos ideais abordados pelo excelente roteiro.

Brad S (ru) wrote: This is my favourite Woody Allen film. The dialogue is great and I absolutely love the B&W cinematography of Gordon Willis. This film has to be one of the great films about NYC, Allen really makes the city almost a character in the film. Highly recommended!

Liam U (es) wrote: Love on a Pillow is one film that should be put to bed.

Scott A (ru) wrote: Not a very good vampire movie. More a lets get Milano naked every other scene film.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: worth a watch for some 80's supernatural fun--Witchboard...Kinda Dull!!