A Trickle of Blood

A Trickle of Blood

Leon has a crush on Ofelia, so he decides to steal money from his father and cross the country looking for Ofelia who traveled to Guadalajara. On his journey, Leon goes through many adventures and takes the final step from childhood into adolescence.

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TheIan E (de) wrote: Fun German Vampire film think clueless meets Blade.

William M (nl) wrote: A funny British flick about female gladiators. Well, not totally but rather female warriors of Celtic descent who take on the Roman army as they plan their invasion of Britain. The character of Worthaboutapig was cute and was funny in how she accepted life. And the ending was cute too in its humour. Overall, a funny movie with a few stereotypes likely but still humourous. If you like British comedy, you should like this film.

Maymay A (mx) wrote: The film did well overall, but it is not as smart and as promising as many have claimed it to be.

Geno W (br) wrote: I have no idea what this film was trying to be. The first hour offers genuinely great world-building [apart from the jarring juxtaposition of a white-out cast and a Latin American setting], and a truly gripping and unsettling allegory of military life and the horrors of war. The second hour does a complete about-face and turns the film into a gratuitous, glorifying war flick; a "satire of fascism" it could be argued, perhaps, but if this was Verhoeven's purpose he certainly doesn't make it clear enough, and can claim only a confusing, schizophrenic work. It's unfortunate that Netflix does not show ratings from RT or IMDB, as I frequently find myself hitting not completely terrible films, but really odd cases like this.Perhaps the most useful thing I got out of watching this film was learning that it is loosely based on a novel by Robert Heinlein, and that Robert Heinlein also wrote Stranger In a Strange Land and is a bizarre pro-war fascist.

Jody K (gb) wrote: My childhood favourite film

Steve S (gb) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Karyl K (nl) wrote: I liked this movie. The cast is first rate. At first I wasn't sure the female lead was Evan Rachel Wood because she is not wearing any make-up, and I had gotten used to seeing her all vamped up in "True Blood." But she looks beautiful and natural, and her free spirit character is very appealing. This is your classic "good guy pretending to be someone he's not to win the girl of his dreams" rom-com. Hipster Brooklyn (possibly Williamsburg?) is a major co-star in this movie. The plot is not terribly original but, due to the strength of the cast and performances, is a pleasant enough ride.

Nethery W (au) wrote: If you are a reader and fan of syfy and Wm Gibson (it's based on a short story), it makes sense and adds a layer to the plot of the very short text. Its not a great movie and probably makes little sense if unfamiliar with Gibson-like universe. And Reeves always looks better than he talks, and most of the other acting is almost as bad. But the envisioning of the world isn't bad for 1995. Gibson deserves better but I enjoyed it. (I can't see what kind of star rating I gave it in my browser...it won't show)

Arthur C (br) wrote: If you don't like Lake Placid, you're stupid

David S (ru) wrote: Well that was dumb. One of the most predictable films I've seen in a long while. Every twist that happened I saw coming from 100 miles away. Ethan Hawke was not good whatsoever. I feel he was severely miss casted.

Tatsuhito K (nl) wrote: It's fun, funny, a little too over the top at times, but overall quite enjoyable. I don't love it as much as most people do and I'm not a huge fan of some of the acting here, but I often found myself enjoying some of the dance sequences and I loved watching Debbie Reynolds singing and dancing (don't judge). Singin' In the Rain is a well-made film.