A Última Famel

A Última Famel


The story depicts the disappearance of the legendary motorcycle industry in the region Bairrada in Portugal, the famous Famel / Zundap. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Última Famel torrent reviews

Herron G (nl) wrote: I think i wanna see this...

shreakinpixie (kr) wrote: love this movie. P-Joe rocks

James M (jp) wrote: Mushy comedy with a few schmalzy scenes. Still, it's very good-natured and enjoyable.

Peter T (it) wrote: Bad, but not in that good Ed Wood-style bad. Just bad.

James H (us) wrote: Fun, but a bit of a silly sequel to The Absent Minded Professor. Very entertaining, good special effects and a wonderful cast. Paul Lynde stands out as the sportscaster.

Greg R (ca) wrote: Is it a perfect film, no, and I can totally understand peoples dislike for it.

Mark R (de) wrote: Good horror filmThat doesn't rely on typical jump scares or gore, it's actually a mental horror. And great acting by cusack.

Danny M (gb) wrote: I really enoughed the film. Found it funny and enjoyed the story

Oliver N (it) wrote: In recent days, this is undeniably one of the best animated movies we have witnessed; going back to Pixar's impeccable form to produce yet another masterpiece, with yet another wise, in-depth message. However, the pessimist inside me thinks we may have just seen all of this before; while being nonetheless spectacular.Verdict: A

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Have you seen this, it's a beauty--The grand-daddy of the "dumb-guy" movies!!