A Very Curious Girl

A Very Curious Girl

An oppressed and exploited young woman (Marie) begins charging for her sexual favors and completely disrupts the smug patriarchal capitalist society of the village of Tellier.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   maid,   revenge,  

An oppressed and exploited young woman (Marie) begins charging for her sexual favors and completely disrupts the smug patriarchal capitalist society of the village of Tellier. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David C (fr) wrote: A funny dark comedy.

Jochen W (kr) wrote: Durch die effektive Kameraarbeit in das Spielszenario eingebunden, folgen wir der geradlinigen Erzhlung, whrend diese die Protagonisten " ganz wie Spielfiguren " in unterschiedliche Konstellationen verschiebt, bis sich nach der ersten Hlfte von PAINTBALL die Blickstruktur ffnet, wenn pltzlich auch die Tter ins Spiel kommen und der Voyeurismus pltzlich nicht nur ins Filmbild eingeschrieben scheint, sondern offen thematisierter Gegenstand des Filmes wird. Und weil sich das alles gewissermaen im Vor 1/4bergehen ereignet und an der Oberflche einfach eine kleine, rasante Genrearbeit bleibt, ist PAINTBALL auch ein so gelungener Film.

Daniel H (nl) wrote: This movie is based on the life of a drug dealer who wants to get out, but instead focuses for the most part of those around the dealer. The movie itself is poorly constructed and can easily leave a person not watching closely, lost. Many characters are paraded through only to have a few of the "minor" characters basically tieing up the entire main plot. Had the movie chose to focus on just one of the two main stories it contains, it could have developed characters with depth and a general human feeling, but its attempt at brevity is massacred by its long ended approach to the source of the drug ring's downfall.(Yes, I know that is vague, but I don't want to give away the only bit of plot in the movie) Content Warnings Nudity -- minor frontal, ladies in bed with men all covered Sex -- heavy petting/making out, intercourse hinted, pregnancy, abortion Drugs -- Marijuana, Cocaine (its a movie about drug dealers) Violence -- domestic, (plot buster) Murder, Guns

Ali B (fr) wrote: I Love this Movie and also song's specially tere naam hum ne kiya hai

Alex D (ag) wrote: Dragged out, boring Leftist propaganda - don't waste your time.

Andi J (au) wrote: Surprisingly funny give it a go!

Mickey M (es) wrote: New York magazine editor "Robin" (Anne Heche) goes on vacation with her boyfriend (David Schwimmer) and becomes engaged. As they celebrate on a beautiful tropical island, she gets called back to work and has to charter the plane that brought them to the vacation spot. While on the flight back, the pilot (Harrison Ford) is forced back to the island due to the weather. Just as the plane levels off after making its turn, a lightning bolt strikes the plane and it crash lands on a deserted island where the two have no choice but to get along -- but they learn to get along very well. This movie is one of the best acted movies I've seen lately. Heche and Ford stand out, and their chemistry is very good. Schwimmer and Jacqueline Obradors, who plays Ford's much younger lover, also do a good job, but their performances aren't as good as the two headliners of the movie. The scenery is very nice on the vacation spot, and the "deserted" island. The one they crash land on has enough atmosphere to make you believe it is truly deserted. Two problems with this movie, besides the development of Schimmer and Obradors' characters, is that their are few really good laughs, as well as the romance storyline between Heche and Ford's characters was not explored as it should have. To me, Heche and Ford appeared that they will end up as close friends instead of a married couple. Another problem was that the storyline with the pirates wasn't explored completely. Maybe if the two leads discovered why they were at the island it would have made the movie more suspenseful while still funny. Make this a possible second choice to rent.

Private U (us) wrote: Subiela again.......

Eliabeth R (kr) wrote: La representacin gringa de un secuestro express, interesante, se puede ver

Teresa S (ag) wrote: Great Great movie!!!

Stefan G (es) wrote: I don't really understand how critics loved this movie. It's not horribly bad, but I find that the big problem is the film's pacing. The film constantly alludes to a battle that happens later in the film, but spends half of it hanging around in the soldiers' quarters. It seems very pretentious that the film delays the fighting, but then again, a lot of historical films did this, and probably still do this today. To top it all off, the film is riddled with historical inaccuracies, to the point that I can't actually go into detail. Meanwhile, the performances are actually quite good, though the film's horrid pacing does not help the cause. The only thing that does help, however, are the film's picturesque visuals, which bring the film's setting to life when the acting fails. This is the kind of film that tries to be a grand historical recreation, but it suffers because of this pretention of grandeur. After all, if I can't enjoy the grandeur, then what's so grand about it?

Ryan C (it) wrote: Based on a true story, it's a cool, fun film with an energetic cast, but the song and dance routines fall short of what we know Disney is truly capable of.