A Very Long Engagement

A Very Long Engagement

In 1919, Mathilde was 19 years old. Two years earlier, her fiancé Manech left for the front at the Somme. Like millions of others he was "killed on the field of battle." It's written in black and white on the official notice. But Mathilde refuses to believe it. If Manech had died, she would know. She hangs on to her intuition as tightly as she would onto the last thread of hope linking her to her lover. A former sergeant tells her in vain that Manech died in the no man's land of a trench named Bingo Crepescule, in the company of four other men condemned to die for self-inflicted wounds. Her path ahead is full of obstacles but Mathilde is not frightened. Anything is possible to someone who is willing to challenge fate...

In this film, you will see the director and the heroine of the film Amelie in a love story is very different. Based on novel by Sebastien Japrisot author, film context at the end of World War 1 in France and lead the viewers to the love story of one girl with strong faith in the life of her lover ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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