A Village Affair

A Village Affair

Based on the bestselling novel by Joanna Trollope Recently returned to England from New York City, vivacious heiress Clodagh Unwin befriends a couple new to her village. The husband is entranced by the young aristocrat, but Clodagh has eyes for someone else: his wife, Alice. Alice has a gilded life--beautiful children, a handsome husband, and a stately home. Secretly, she’s depressed after the birth of her third child and unhappy in her marriage. Clodagh proves irresistible. But when tongues start wagging, the women learn that love might not be enough.

Alice has married the rich but boring Martin. When they move to a small village Martin starts flirting with Clodagh, but she is more interested in his wife Alice... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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