À vot' bon coeur

À vot' bon coeur


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Bruno L (kr) wrote: The plot is weak and the acting is even worse. However you can laugh a little bit and you can see nice boobs. There was one cougar that im pretty sure that was a guy. hahaha. One of the main actors reminds me Brad Pitt. And what the hell was all that farting from Robin Thomas' character?

Eric P (kr) wrote: Scary Movie 3 doesn't rank up there will A LOT of other dark comedies. It barely ranks up with Scary Movie 2 and Scary Movie 2 was bad.

Stephen F (it) wrote: requires weed or excessive amounts of booze to even contemplate watching more than 20 minutes. still no doubt will go down as a cult classic.

Ian R (jp) wrote: This was a quirky and odd film, but not without an interesting story and its own drama. It really kept you guessing on what was going to happen next, with it's luckier-than-smart main characters. You can definitely see Tarantino elements in the film from his screenplay, but having a different director has the film play out so different in stylistic sense. It was a very intriguing film that I'm glad to have had a chance to see.

Alex F (ca) wrote: I can't think of a defining moment in my life that I missed that could have changed everything...but I do believe that what happens in this movie could happen because there are bartenders that make drinks that will make you go back in time...I've seen it and it checks out.

Byron B (ag) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR, at the golden globes, and at the oscars

Steve K (us) wrote: A great movie to watch with a group of rowdy friends. You'll be shouting at the screen in no time. High camp action with unintentional laughs throughout.

Kurt A (es) wrote: About as much fun as Bucharest on a Monday night. I literally stopped this movie 30 minutes in because I couldn't take Arte Johnson's laugh anymore. I actually made it farther into Night Patrol if you believe that.

Patrik E (au) wrote: Saw it January 25th, 2008.

Adam T (it) wrote: A middle-aged psychic is besieged by voices and apparitions when she suspects her husband might be having an affair. Typical visually sumptuous Fellini movie lends itself to his characteristic surrealist style where dreams and illusion blend seamlessly into the narrative.

Kenny N (kr) wrote: Just because I give this film no stars does not mean I'm giving it a negative review. I just simply think that this movie cannot be measured by the star system on here. Just as Eraserhead's girlfriend isn't sure what she had was a baby, I'm not sure if what David Lynch bore is a horror film. It looks like one from a distance-it's got one of the most terrifying looking monsters in cinema history. This movie is a thing more than a movie. Approach it cautiously, because it could lash out at you at any given moment of it's surprisingly short run time. Watch and be forever traumatized.

Kimberly A (au) wrote: I have seen this twice already. Mostly b/c we saw it so late opening night I missed a few moments to head nods... Seeing it a second time, and not missing much - it was a well done fiction... a fantasy fiction of revenge and vulgar violence.Cinematic, was brilliant - naturally, since Q knows how to paint this canvass well. Acting was outstanding, and the whole thing was superb - just very difficult to watch throughout - even for me.

Keenan S (ru) wrote: Oklahoma! is a fun, but very cheesy musical. While the script is weak and some of the musical numbers are also somewhat weak, this film still has plenty of humor, most of the tunes are great, and the acting is solid all around. It's not the greatest musical ever made by a long shot, but it sure is a fun one to watch.

Alex K (gb) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.