A Walk with Love and Death

A Walk with Love and Death

A noblewoman's daughter and a young Frenchman embark on an ill-fated romance during the Hundred Years' War.

In a story set during the Hundred Years War, a student who has abandoned his studies in Paris, pairs with a young noblewoman with whom he has fallen in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael C (ru) wrote: As cool as it is to see Grace Helbig, Chester See, Hannah Hart and Chris Riedell in a full length film, it simply is not enough to cover up the extremely corny plot and bad editing. I really wanted to like this film but there were to many things wrong with it.

Ben L (mx) wrote: I love the fact that the movie looks at a number of the common tropes of horror films and pokes fun at them. The scenes in the control room were my favorite part because they added humor, and it was fun to see how they treated this as just another day on the job. I was definitely puzzled over what exactly was happening, but that meant I was hooked until the end when things started to get revealed.The cast was quite good, and it was peppered with a number of Whedon regulars which I appreciated. Fran Kranz is probably my favorite because he can play the part of the stoner but I also am willing to buy the fact that he might be smarter than everyone else in the room. The chemistry between the 5 actors in the cabin worked well, and unlike most horror films of this type, I didn't hate any of them.The world they created for this film is quite interesting, and I think I might understand it even more on a re-watch. There were certain aspects that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, and I didn't like that the characters were asking questions about the same things and I didn't feel like they ever got appropriate answers. That being said, when I let go and decided not to nitpick the intricacies of the world they created, the plot holds together well.The climax of the movie is a thrill-a-minute ride. It's interesting how it feels like a normal horror film, but then it feels so completely different at the same time. Some of the CGI creatures are a bit lackluster, but they weren't so bad that it was annoying. I could tell they were CGI, but they usually raced through the screen so fast that it didn't have time to bother me too much. The Cabin in the Woods is a movie I enjoyed, but I think it will be better if I give it another try. It's not my favorite blend of comedy and horror, but I see why it's so popular.

griffin d (kr) wrote: Although the quality was a bit off putting at first, it grew on me, and the film was fantastic. Cillian Murphy is a goddamn revelation in this movie, and the film is scary as shit!

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only viewing - 9/5/2010)

Ashley (it) wrote: one of my all time faves

Cheating t (de) wrote: A terribly disappointing ending that leaves the viewer feeling that they wasted their time.

David G (jp) wrote: Very good movie from the mid 90s about a high school misfit named Angus. It is funny, but also has some good dramatic elements to it. The music in it is great.

Seth P (es) wrote: I heard of this movie a while ago as a weird but fun movie, so I put it on my list and basically forgot about it till it became an instant watch movie on Netflix. It is hard to truly explain this movie, it is hilarious yet stupid (like completely retarded). The movie is full of B and C list actors which is cool because it gives actors you wouldnt normal see in the spot light. The movie is full of references to other media, music, and pop culture. The movie has an insane open credit sequence (people that suffer from epileptic seizures should look away from the screen). Over all the movie is fun (and surprisingly short, 79mins is technically not a feature long movie). The movie is a gargled mess of rock music, clay animation, gross humor, funny dialogue, and Keanu Reeves playing a Spanish 'Dog Face' Boy (I am not kidding, it is his finest performance in a film). If you like robot chicken, old school references mixed with LSD flashbacks, than this fever dream of a movie is a must watch.(Keep in mind this is a cult movie, and either you like it or you hate it... if you are gonna come to me if you didnt like it, you can go bitch and moan elsewhere)

Justin B (ru) wrote: Another nail in the coffin for the Roger Moore bonds. This is a slight return to form after the outlandish Moonraker but stripping away the camp is part of the problem. I like the grittier bonds but Moore's performance is often vacant Of actual emotion; he either looks pissed off or horny.

Cassandra S (us) wrote: heard it's a very good movie

Stephanie M (ru) wrote: This was one of the best and most inspiring movies that I have watched. It is also the first movie that has made me tear up and almost cry and I was able to relate to this movie a lot.

Rachel H (us) wrote: Blehhh...rather boring.