A Wedding Most Strange

A Wedding Most Strange

One groom, two would-be wives, four possible husbands... and one decision.

One groom, two would-be wives, four possible husbands... and one decision. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando Jos G (ru) wrote: Bien actuada y perfectamente ambientada. Starred Up recrea una serie de historias crudas y personajes reales. La zozobra de lo que vendr despus y un final abrupto pero satisfactorio es digno de alabar como una gran pieza cinematogrfica dentro de un gnero de pelcula totalmente sin esencia.

Jenn B (fr) wrote: Awesome natural disaster movie set in the UK. Check it out.I read that this movie was not any good. Good thing I don't always listen to the "critics" and read some regular movie goers reviews. This film takes place in the UK. A deadly hurricane and high tide wreck havoc on Scotland. It appears that the storm is heading west away from England. But it has a mind of it's own.For decades one man has been telling the powers that be that the Barrier - the mechanical wall between the Thames and the powerful ocean had a major flaw. They didn't listen. He lost his family due to his continued work in trying to prove his theory was right. Now everyone sees that he is right - way too late.

Trevor W (jp) wrote: To sum up Little Miss Sunshine in a single sentence, it is about a family who only functions through their dysfunction. Perfect in pretty much every way, this gem is hilarious and funny only when it needs to be, and never a smidgeon corny or sappy.

Cody M (de) wrote: it was alright nothing special but pretty watchable.

Roger A (ag) wrote: Vintenberg e Lars Von Trier juntos? Huh?Filme bacana com otima trilha sonora, fotografia e uma trama interessante. Mas nada muito memorvel. Na minha modesta opinio.

Corey W (ru) wrote: Almost as bad as Leprechaun in Space

Steven S (mx) wrote: Richard Linklater is one of Hollywood's most versatile directors. He likes challenging himself by venturing into unfamiliar territory. His credits include 'Dazed and Confused', 'Before Sunrise', 'The School of Rock' and 'Fast Food Nation'. 'SubUrbia' is one of his more lesser-known films, however it is one of the best films I've ever seen in my life. Based on a play by Eric Bogosian, its simple premise: A group of slackers philosophically converse on the corner of a convenience store whilst waiting for their friend who has 'made it' as a rock star to arrive. I use the term 'philosophically' loosely; they talk about a whole range of things, but it's generally pretty powerful stuff. And not all of their discussion takes place on that corner; they move around the neighbourhood, but that corner is their second home, where most of the discussion takes place. The rock star friend doesn't arrive at the film's conclusion, instead he and his publicist join the slackers fairly early in the film. This is very positive for the film, as his inclusion shakes things up. The convenience store is run by a Pakistani couple who frequently challenge the slackers about their lives. "Don't you have lives to live? Why choose this particular corner? Don't you realise that you are wasting your lives? Get off my property! You are all drunken and stupid!" Those aren't the exact lines spoken, but you get the drift. The film touches on issues such as consumerism, racism, freedom of expression, fame, the monotony of life, the effects of drugs and alcoholism. Yes, the film basically consists of plenty of talk, but that's what makes the film as excellent as it is. The characters are so real, and it's likely that you will empathise with at least one of them. The film is so tragic, in that it shows us the dark side of life, but isn't that what we need to see as an audience, in an era where Hollywood seems to sugarcoat their films with happy endings? You see, the reality is that not everything in life will go your way, that some people just 'exist', and make nothing of their lives, that there are people who are more well-off than you. 'SubUrbia' opens our eyes to the harsh brutality that transpires everyday in our world, that we may not be aware of. One of my favourite scenes is where the character Jeff, played flawlessly by Giovanni Ribisi, strips naked, goes out to the middle of the street, and screams "FUCK FEAR!" His point is that we can do anything if we're not afraid of the consequences; limitations exist only in our mind. I'm sure this movie will change many people, or at least give them some new insight about society and the world we live in. Coincidentally, I only watched this film out of boredom. It was showing on 'Movie Extra', and I thought I'd take a gamble and give it a watch. Boy, was it worth it! I say 'coincidentally', because in the film, the characters are waiting to catch ambitions; they aren't bothered to seek them. I could have waited for a movie that I truly wanted to watch to come on, and spend the night bored out of my mind, but instead I took a chance on 'SubUrbia', and it's something I'll never regret.

Leslie A (mx) wrote: Despite obscurity, this film is pretty badass.

Matthew L (us) wrote: You know exactly what your gonna get from a John Wane film, which is what makes them such enjoyable pieces of American cinema. From Rio Lobo your not going to get anything new from the viewing, but there are some well staged action sequences and whip cracking dialogue, great Sunday after noon viewing.

Angela W (de) wrote: Not the best of Doris Day, but still an enjoyable watch.

Grant S (ca) wrote: OK, but not great. Mildly interesting storyline that isn't overly engaging. The movie just seems to amble along, with no particular place to go. Furthermore, it often seems like it is merely a vehicle for Bing Crosby's singing and music (despite not being a musical).This said, it is hard to dislike. It has a charm and sweetness which carries it along, and, to a degree, makes up for the lack of direction.Decent performances all round, but no stand-outs. Yes, Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald both won Oscars, but both their characters seem too one-dimensionally nice and uncomplicated to garner Oscars. Interestingly, Fitzgerald was nominated for Best Leading Actor and Best Supporting Actor, the only time this has happened, and the only time it will ever happen. The rules re acting nominations were changed due to this event.

Michael D (it) wrote: One of Hollywood's greatest 'unknown' masterpieces. I'm not surprised by Orson Welles's words - 'it would make a stone weep'. If there is a better film about love rent asunder by circumstance, I have yet to see it.

Greg W (jp) wrote: really love this movie the music it all works here

Angelo Dean B (br) wrote: There was no really turning back, its hard to survive without water in a dessert for days. Really impressed how the ending turned out2.5 Stars