A Woman's Life

A Woman's Life

A woman remember's her own marriage when dealing with the love life of her son.

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Walter M (gb) wrote: "For Ellen" starts with Joby(Paul Dano), a musician, driving into a snow bank when he eats and drives one morning. He is in the middle of nowhere to finalize the divorce with his estranged wife Claire(Margarita Levieva) but then balks at the fine print. At least, in the meantime, he gets an invitation for home cooked lasagna. Ever since the invention of drama, it has been debated whether or not there could be an excellent performance in a lackluster play or movie. Well, I would like to submit the dramatically uneven "For Ellen" as exhibit A. Again, Paul Dano proves he is one of the best actors of his generation, fully embodying his character. But sadly, Joby is the only show here, as the camera cannot leave him alone for a minute, unlike other characters, thus not allowing for any meaningful perspective on the situation. For example, I would have especially liked to have seen events also from Claire's point of view. That's not to mention a perplexing ending which only serves to muddle the movie's message.

Andrea O (jp) wrote: Omg bad...bad...bad.. But great to rip apart. From the geriatric spider to the dragon on fire..yup on fire not breathing fire. All costume buy Halloween shops. I truly loved the rubber swords and throwing stars that kill instantly. Swords that when they impale you, you get 10 more min. To live. There is so much more wrong with this film but you have to watch this train wreck to truly understand what I mean

Peri R (gb) wrote: Bleak. Dark. Sad. Droll. Depressing. Awesome. Gritty. Sad. Real sad. Holy crap is 'the hammer' THAT shitty? Probably not. Good flick though.

Private U (us) wrote: i like the guy, but the movie is kinda all over the place for me.

bill s (nl) wrote: Hits all the right notes in this little well directed story with a 4star performance By Rodriguez

M C (es) wrote: An interesting and appropriately weird film, but it doesn't have as much impact as it should. 74/100

Arnie A (ag) wrote: a gem of a film. celebration of whimsy, and other 'inside' matters. not for the too adult- or action film lovers. very touching,and redeeming. cinema paradiso ,anyone?

Joshua C (ca) wrote: My favorite comedy of all-time! Weird Al and Richards are hilarious!!

Cecily B (ca) wrote: Interesting movie. I am assuming they are talking about Borderline Personality Disorder in this movie, at least that is what it seemed like when I watched it. I have done a lot of research on the topic and it kind of made me sad to see it acted out. Great movie though! (French with Subtitles.)

John H (gb) wrote: A guilty pleasure with many good scenes amongst the schlock....

Eric B (gb) wrote: What an insane movie. Just feels like some leftover set pieces stitched together into something resembling a film -- but I enjoyed it anyway. And young Gloria Jean gives quite a performance in that scene where she's singing those ridiculously acrobatic songbird notes, while simultaneously having to act as if she's dead bored!

Alex S (mx) wrote: Cheesy but entertaining action fantasy and one of the few watchable films that are based on video games.It's a 90's film and it really shows it with its dated CGI special effects, but as it's based on a video game which would look like that anyway, it didn't bother me that much.

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: A personality piece of a sci-fi story: a guy advertises for a partner to go time traveling with. An indie rag decides to look into the possible story by sending one reporter and two interns to look into it. What's really up for grabs though is the idea that all of us have the experience of the-one-that-got-away, the regret inherent with that, and the consideration: would we go back if we could? It's a personality piece cause that's what keeps us in the tale, the personalities involved, and not the time travel angle at all. It's not bad at all.

Jackie M (ru) wrote: I don't believe that there was ever a chance that Hiter and his dream of 'Germania' would become reality. I honestly believe that even if the world had stayed at bay and never learned of the atrocities of WWII that ultimately his ego and madness would have got the best of him, eventually. Although the premise was interesting the movie was poorly made and, sadly, acted.