A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time

Based on a children's series by the same name. Meg and Charles Wallace are aided by Calvin and three interesting women in the search for their father who disappeared during a government experiment. Their travels take them around the universe to a place unlike any other.

The movie is based on a children's series by the same name. Meg and Charles Wallace are aided by Calvin and 3 interesting women, Mrs. Which, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Who in the search for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Wrinkle in Time torrent reviews

Austin G (ag) wrote: Batman: Assault on Arkham features a better Suicide Squad than what I saw this year. If they would have made this movie live-action, SS would have been great.

Tim M (es) wrote: Terrible music and montages. A big downgrade from Undisputed 2. Still, Michael Jai White, and some fighting. The bit about racism in law enforcement is especially relevant in light of the Zimmerman verdict.

Nicola D (es) wrote: a German comedy that I rly didnt find very funny tho. Maybe too many stereotypes in this one. I didn't really like the zombie Jesus, or at least they should have done something about the mocking of Muslims in Germany, just to counterbalance it. The viewer can rly understand the directors are Turks.

Amanda W (au) wrote: Different/Weird/Strange/Gross/Didn't really Like.

Naj G (br) wrote: Saw this without English subtitles.

Adam R (ru) wrote: Totally creeped me out. I don't understand why it had to be so perverted. I think they took it too far. (First and only full viewing - November 2009)

Julia K (es) wrote: Guilty pleasure of mine

Brad S (kr) wrote: A horror-comedy/film-noir,...I should have really liked this one, but it's rather dated. An HBO film from 1991, feature a young Julianne Moore and Fred Ward whom I always like. The movie had its moments...but I just couldn't fully get into it. For fans of the quirky only!

Cristiano T (br) wrote: I remember watching this when I was kid with my eyes glued to the screen!. I spent a long time looking for this film, didn't know the name. Then I found out and finally saw it again today and I can say it's a good movie, pretty much watchable, even today!

Eric B (mx) wrote: A great, eloquent, meditative, open-ended mystery about several things. An assimilation drama that doesn't embarrass with well-meaning but simplistic didacticism. Almost a city symphony of San Francisco's Chinatown or a neighborhood symphony. Naturalistic and reminiscent of Cassavetes. Really good

Desmond P (kr) wrote: Anything with Seth Rogen is 5 star

Frank N (nl) wrote: Satire that doesn't manage to capture its audience, although it's fun to see the all the semi-stars from back in the 80s and 90s.

Anna P (ag) wrote: I just saw this movie in Honolulu (first opening in the US). It is hilarious and mostly a chic flick, but there is enough rough and tumble to keep the boys interested as well. All the actors are great, but Mena Suvari nearly steals the whole show.