A Yakuza's Daughter Never Cries

A Yakuza's Daughter Never Cries

Yuriko, a daughter of Yakudza boss is lost in Russia. Here she finds Alexey - a young man who is trying to help her.

Yuriko, a daughter of Yakudza boss is lost in Russia. Here she finds Alexey - a young man who is trying to help her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie G (us) wrote: OK, a little gross sometimes. Always a happy ending.

Yasmine L (jp) wrote: Artistically wise, this movie was nothing short of a color explosion - bright and vivid, the costumes never ceased to disappoint, and the Japanese, Edo-period interiors were enough to die for. Script wise, the movie could have been dealt with better. Sakuran is Ninagawa Mika's directorial debut, and where she is mostly know for her equally vivid photographs, she has delivered that same charismatic and almost neon-colored scheme to the big screen. However, the movie seems to go on as a art fest more than an actual story. It has potential, but looking back on it, the beautiful cinematography was distracting from the film. It actually outshone the script. If this film had been silent, and more geared towards a video-photography style sort of thing, I would have enjoyed it for that fact. In actuality, I felt the movie focused more on the visual than the non-visual, and I am a sucker for beauty, but I felt that more attention should have been paid on the story. And I have to let you all know: this IS NOT a 'geisha flick', as the consensus says. These are oiran, a type of courtesan. Geisha are entertainers. There IS a difference. Plus, the soundtrack is FAR from annoying. Do I like this film? Yes, but mostly because it is a pretty movie. It could have been better.

David Z (us) wrote: I doubt the greatest writers alive could come up with a character as unique, lovable, and complicated as Arthur "Killer" Kane was. Greg Whiteley shows great affection for his subject matter and in return we leave loving Kane. A lot. Searching for an entertaining rock doc? This is the one. Looking for a film that teaches forgiveness, conversion, and the challenges therein? This is the one.

David S (br) wrote: I acknowledge that the main character was well developed and sympathetic, that the direction was stylish and effective, and that the performances were uniformly excellent... But the film was just simply too unpleasant for my tastes. Tasteful craftsmanship but distasteful subject matter... an unsettling combination to be sure.

EWC o (us) wrote: Powerfully gripping war movie, even if it's light on plot development and chsracger

Kjetil H (jp) wrote: Hey hey! Klassisk B-film!!! Mark de biter var norsk titel og greier! Swell stuff!

Cecily B (ag) wrote: Have never heard of this, and have no interest in seeing it

Micky A (de) wrote: Oh dear, this film is terrible, watched it last night, and most of the film consists of nothing more than killing time, with no suspense, no blood, or gore, just predictable script, and plenty of holes in the storyline, for example, police car rear doors being opened from inside car to leaving a crashed car in the middle of the road.

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