A Year in My Life

A Year in My Life

In 1950s France, a young boy is taken in by a couple after spending a few months in the care of social service.

In 1950s France, a young boy is taken in by a couple after spending a few months in the care of social service. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan H (ru) wrote: In the future, a company called Delos offers unique vacation experiences where you can spend as many days as you want in recreations of the old west, medieval times, or ancient Rome. The areas are populated by convincing human-like robots (or androids) that play different roles. Friends Peter (Richard Benjamin) and John (James Brolin) book a stay at Westworld. Unfortunately, it is during their stay where the robots wage a violent, bloody uprising.This film is essentially the precursor to Jurassic Park (I mean both films come from the mind of Michael Crichton and feature expensive theme parks where the attractions turn on the guests). Some of the special effects aren't great, but the story here is rich and fun. All the actors do great jobs, but I'd say the standouts were James Brolin (who looks a lot like Christian Bale for some reason) and Yul Brenner as a crazed robot from Westworld who has set his sights on Peter. The film is also surprisingly violent ( a lot of deaths). I highly enjoyed my trip to Westworld, and would gladly recommend it. It's also worth noting that Westworld has elements that inspired The Terminator and Michael Meyers from Halloween.

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Francisco P (de) wrote: Love it as a child and I still love it to this day

Garry E (us) wrote: If you dont see anything else see this. Miranda Richardson is outstanding as Ruth. You almost feel as if you are in 1950's Britain it is that well made.

Chris W (gb) wrote: Considering that I have ADHD, it's a wonder that I'm able to sit through films that are slow paced and sometimes devoid of plot. I can't make it through every film like this, but if there's things going on I like in a film like this, then yeah, I can get through it. This applies to this one here. In a way, I can sort of relate to the characters: they are bored, rootless, and don't really do much of anytihing, yet they are interesting people to watch, even if we don't really know much about them. The music, clothes, sets, and sparse conversations they have contribute to this. I found my self really hypnotized by this film.The performances are terrific, and if they weren't, then this film really would be a failure. Everything hinges on the understated nuanced acting the three leads (two of them being non actor musicians). The carmera work is also nice. I got so caught up in just looking at stuff that I almost forgot that virtually all of the film is made up of long takes.This is a nice little curiousity. I need to see more of Jarmusch's work before I can really comment on it, but, based on the others of his I've seen, this is not too far removed from his later stuff.

Jeff V (fr) wrote: Intense psychological thriller. Outstanding work by Diane Keaton. Some future leading men play caricatures. I didn't like the ending.

Justin W (de) wrote: this film supposedly takes place during winter (and everyone is talking about how cold it is)....and yet all the plantlife is green and full of life. also, the schmuck isn't blind at all...he's just got poor vision. with this film's logic, i'm blind when i'm not wearing my glasses, too. prescribe the fellow some bifocals and you've got the problem solved. anyway, this could've been something nifty...but instead it's mostly a bore-fest....especially since the 'shock' ending can be seen from a mile away. it's not even all that fun to mock things as you watch...they should re-name this film "how awful about the 74 minutes of your life you've lost watching this." i believe that's a much better title.

Victoria A (it) wrote: See comments for 'The Gay Divorcee'.

Andrew B (es) wrote: Jessie Eisenberg has better pecs than me. That alone should be reason enough to kill myself, but yet here I am. I tend to live vicariously though movies, but with this movie I have no reason to. The thought that anyone cares is so far from my mind that I imagine it as a pipe dream. I appreciate the people who think they do care all the same.

Daniel M (fr) wrote: Just a big 'Oh wow, ok.'

Justin T (kr) wrote: An interesting and entertaining look at a video game tournament.