Aa bakudan

Aa bakudan


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   election,   bank,  

During the mayoral election, two ex-prisoners decide to replace the lucky pen of an annoying candidate with a mini-bomb . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fcuk B (fr) wrote: Phenomenal and required for any Sigur Ros fan...The gorgeous landscape of Iceland plays as a perfect backdrop to the ethereal feel of the music...One of my favorite rockumentaries, if not the best

Edward K (ru) wrote: this girl is psychotic but to be honest it wasnt a very good movie but there is a scene in this movie that is nuts

Guy L (jp) wrote: Graced by some striking camera work, a good script and solid performances, it's worth seeing. Charts the precarious trajectory of an orphan through the harsh realities of the modern city (Seoul) and male prostitution and onto love. But this fortunately isn't Hollywood - the fragile character of that love, born in prostitution, isn't shied away from. The emphasis on social realism here (class conflict, etc.) is refreshing, and more than makes up for a few unlikely turns in the plot and a melodramatic end.

JH K (de) wrote: Un agradable viaje, quiz poco ambicioso, pero dira que ah est la gracia.

Umi P (de) wrote: This was a definitely should-see: it first complicates, then simplifies the problems facing all of us - Desmond Tutu features prominently..

Jen M (ca) wrote: I enjoyed watching it last night. :)

Monjit B (mx) wrote: Poetic... Worth a dekho!!!

brian h (us) wrote: Beautifully scripted and plotted, this film nonetheless suffers from Mamet's insistence on actors robotically reciting his pentameter. His basic tenet is that the words are everything and that it is a disservice for an actor to inject characterization through inflection, or pause, or nuance. "Just speak the words," he is famous for telling his actors and motive and character will be revealed. The result is a fine work less than fully realized. Not that his scripts aren't great, they are, as are the plots. Still, Mamet is a theoretician to a fault. He has often commented that he turned to writing and directing because he couldn't act. I am left to wonder, were he a passable actor would he have been a more consummate film-maker. I hope some day he will loosen the reins upon his cast. Then we will see him rise from good to great.

Markus A (es) wrote: A good movie with a lot of heart. The performances from Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy and Dan Aykroyd are really great and gives this movie a lot more than it would have had if not for these great actors. I recommend this movie for any film lover.

Nathan R (kr) wrote: I have yet to see the original Japanese film, but I am interested in seeing it.Gosh, what to say about this stinker. Well, if you like really obvious horror cliches, vague plot descriptions, and boring characters that no one in their right mind would love, you're sure to find this one hell of an entertaining film.It's pretty much what you'd expect from a shitty Japanese horror remake. Someone tries to cash in on a successful J-horror, makes it extremely, ridiculously American, and fails to achieve what its successor was so good at, completely misunderstanding what made the original successful in the first place.Sad to say, the concept of Pulse had some promise, and if it was executed well, it could have been a very cool sci-fi horror flick with a philosophical twist. Instead, it just comes off as an old person's nightmare, seeing the world succumb to the "awfulness of technology" while throwing in some special effects, which would be appealing to the eye if they hadn't been so wretchedly introduced into such a terrible movie.It would have been a better film if they made you care about the characters, but they're all really bland B-movie generic stereotypes. The problem was that there was too much visual and not enough mood and story. It focused too much on creeping the audience out with really boring pictures instead of telling a story. Each character, aside from the two typical "boy and girl combo," was on screen for maybe a total of a minute before meeting their demise, and when they died, you felt about as empty and emotionless as they did. There was nothing about them that seemed worth crying over.Then you have the flighty and hysterical female protagonist, who was so bland and difficult to relate to, that it was frustrating to watch. She spent half of the movie looking at things and crying or screaming, and had no personality. Her male co-star had fewer lines and less screen time, and he was far more interesting.The movie doesn't even really start until an hour in. You get a half-assed explanation of the apocalyptic disaster, which kills any aspect of mystery retained in the last section of the flick. Horror movies should not come with a detailed explanation by a film extra that was literally in the film for a total of two minutes, and collected a ten dollar paycheck... in fact, they shouldn't have them at all. Any mystique you felt regarding the contents of the movie is killed off so quickly that you feel that once you hit the one hour mark, the movie is essentially over. You don't care what happens after that, because the characters simply do not matter.As I said, if this film had been done correctly, and not littered with hundreds of cliches and bad plot devices (red utility tape, anyone?), it could have been interesting. It should have started with the explanation first, and went on from there, if they really felt the need to "Explain" everything. Instead of making a shitty horror film, make it into an intriguing apocalyptic mystery instead.For the record, films like this aren't going to scare people out of using technology. Wait until the movie Cell (based on the Stephen King novel) comes out.

David A (mx) wrote: worst chuck norris movie but still cool

Brad B (us) wrote: Great cast of talented actors makes this a classic horror story. Truly believable and very scary. Great for Halloween.

Greg W (fr) wrote: good actioner and entry in this series

Jenna I (fr) wrote: What it lacks in plot it makes up in some 60s-tastic visuals and a great soundtrack from George Harrison. Also you get to look at Jane Birkin, which is basically the only reason you'd watch this movie anyhow. If there was a better (less weird) plot it could have been pretty good... though props for managing to ride the line between 'scientific observation' and 'creepy old man.' Bonus- the apartments are freaking amazing.

Rob S (kr) wrote: From the title I expected this to be a war movie, but I did not realize Algiers is a city, and the battle is actually a struggle for Algerians to live in their home country without fear of the French who are suppressing them.I've seen very critically acclaimed classic foreign films before, so I guess I might have had my expectations too high. For example, two of my favorite foreign films are "Bicycle Thieves" and "Rashomon," but those films actually do interesting things with their camera-work. With The Battle of Algiers we just get a lot of standard (boring) camera-work with a lot of static shots to focus on conversations about the action rather than focusing on the action itself.The best aspect of the film is the characters who are a part of the rebellion and their motivations. We are introduced to one of the main characters in a very interesting way - this secret group of rebels does an initiation on Ali by checking to see if he would be loyal enough to shoot a cop, but they don't tell him this. We can see the manipulation this group exercises, though in their eyes it is necessary recruitment, and we should see it as this too since it is the Algerians who are the victim to French occupation of the city of Algiers as well as of the entire nation of Algeria.With the filmmakers choosing to revisit a scene from different view points there is obviously non-linear chronology, but I only understood this at the beginning and towards the end of the film. I was confused how the scene fit into the scenes surrounding it when it was shown for the second time in the film. I will have to rewatch this film some time in the future - after all it is regarded as one of the most important films ever made.I think I enjoyed the conclusion of this film much more than any part which preceded it, and that's because the conclusion is the most inspirational sequence of the entire movie. It is uplifting to see how Algerians rise up again years after the first rebellion group is decapitated (a metaphor you will understand if you watch the film), and this happens without great explanation. The message implied by the film is that this first group of rebels may not have been successful, but the group inspired the people of its nation to stand strong for justice.

Orlok W (br) wrote: A moving drama with golden performances--Gripping study of addiction!!

Anna N (mx) wrote: Since it's a classic.

Loyal D (it) wrote: A really funny movie that shows heart but it really lacks the originality and creativity of the original American Pie films. For a straight to DVD movie it's amazing and the Canadian scenes are hilarious I was on the verge of choking on laughter, but the humor can't cover up all of the horrible acting and plot holes.