Aa! Megamisama! The Movie

Aa! Megamisama! The Movie

A young man and his Angel bride must stop an angry Archangel from destroying Earth by proving that love is the ultimate force in the universe.

A young man and his Angel bride must stop an angry Archangel from destroying Earth by proving that love is the ultimate force in the universe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Iva C (jp) wrote: It is an awesome movie

Jeff B (us) wrote: I didn't think this was anything too special until quite a ways into it, but it developed nicely into a cute movie. There were a few lol moments, some good tunes, and Kerry Washington was F.I.N.E! A good movie for a long-term couple to watch together.

Kaitlin G (mx) wrote: *May contain spoilers*I had high hopes with Robin Williams and Christopher Walken teaming up for a political satire. Maybe my expectations were too high, but Man of the Year did little more than disappoint after the first half hour. Williams executes hilariously truthful monologues about the issues. The debate was arguably the funniest scene of the entire movie, as Williams spoke frankly and comically about what is wrong with politicians. Unfortunately, the main plot comes into play after his presidential win, with Laura Linney taking on a more prominent role. The movie commences its tumble downhill, as the plot is weak and the film drags to its boring and all-too-cheery finish. It focuses on Green??s findings about the computerized voting system and her determination to tell Dobbs the truth. Linney??s character was irritating to watch. The blame cannot be wholly placed on her, but her annoying character, Eleanor Green. Linney??s portrayal was strong, but the character should not have had such a large role in a supposed ??comedy.??The film lacks humor other than Williams??s lines. Williams is humorous, but he alone cannot liven up the dull plot. There was an obvious attempt (and failure) to give Lewis Black funny dialogue, but it mostly left me wondering exactly why Black was in the movie. His role seemed irrelevant.The ending was cheesy, with appearances from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The famous comedic duo could not save the film with their short scene. I was happy to see the movie end, albeit lazily. Williams and Walken are undoubtedly talented, but were not used to their full potential. I kept waiting for the excitement to happen, until I was watching the credits roll by and realized it was never coming.

Kelsey A (de) wrote: this sounds really weird!!!

Matt C (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed playing Silent Hill many years ago but my word this film adaptation is total bobbins. Unbelievably dull as well, 2hrs5m?! Give me strength!

Giovanni M (jp) wrote: One of my least favorite films ever, I Am Sam is a flood of cloying sentiment and reeks of Oscar desperation.

Scott P (jp) wrote: It's an amazing movie despite the star grading. Must-see. I'm still completely confused by everything that transpired. What a sight.

Dennis M (de) wrote: Ah, Cassavetes and Falk and Gazzara

Scott C (br) wrote: A solid 1930s melodrama, but I hate to say it's just too old fashioned for modern audiences.

Pramesh R (kr) wrote: awsm piece... worth a shot....

Dyron W (mx) wrote: Boasting an impressive cast, this ballsy, solid, and hilariously written religious comedy is one of Kevin Smith's best works.

Clark H (it) wrote: Unexpected. Good emotional film.

Charles J (de) wrote: Leon Schuster fans will think this is the best movie of the millennium.