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Aadamkhor Hasina


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Khaled M (it) wrote: intriguing at first but got me confused at the end.

Zoie R (de) wrote: How can u wach this movie

Angelina C (us) wrote: 13 going on 30 rip off!

Leena L (fr) wrote: Mother dying and all the kids going through various emotional stages in preparation to the mother's death. Sally Field should do more movies as she always hits the emotional buttons so well. Suprisingly enjoyable movie about....dying!

Anatoly S (us) wrote: A brit comedy version of the Longest Yard (that came out before the Adam Sandler remake). Instead of football, it's soccer. Great cast, somewhat underused though. Gets carried away with visual bullshit a bit too often, and the attempts at drama are weak. BUT it's still funny. If you're a fan of Guy Ritchie you should most certainly see it, if you're not then CHECK IT OUT if it's on tv or something.

Dyllan Jay R (es) wrote: The action is loud. Pacing felt a bit off, especially towards the end.

Kasey T (it) wrote: Brilliant early Charlie Sheen and Dad Martin Sheen movie, which really does touch the heart

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Aman A (jp) wrote: The film certainly has its moments despite the cliched and formulaic approach. It lacks authenticity and is obviously made with a very top-down foreigner outlook but that's passable due to its even pace and true-story story. Lake Bell is great and so is Suraj Sharma. Watch it if you want. You can also pass it if you want. Won't make a difference either way.

Joshua K (gb) wrote: (5: Loved It, 4: Really Liked It, 3: Liked It, 2: Didn't Like It, and 1: Hated It.)