Aadu Puli

Aadu Puli

Aadu Puli is a 2011 Indian Tamil masala–action film written and directed by newcomer Vijay Prakash. Starring Aadhi, Poorna, Prabhu Ganesan and Suresh, the film released on 18 February 2011. The film opened to negative reviews and was an Average Grosser at the Box office.

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Mxnds T (jp) wrote: One word. Clich. Maybe two. Lazy. Okay, three. Uninspired. This movie has no originality, every scene I'm left thinking how many times I've seen this before. You can definitely tell it was written by the same guys who wrote The Hangover. But wow, they could've been at least a little more creative around this time. If you enjoy badly acted clich chick flick movies, then it's perfect for you.

Sudakshina B (nl) wrote: This is a flick that anyone who is NOT interested in writing, reading and publishing would find boring...very boring indeed. However, for those of who DO love literature and dream of getting our novels published someday (who me? No, stop it!)...this flick is right up our street! :)

Donte S (de) wrote: I would like to see this movie again because it is fun and exploring.

Walter M (gb) wrote: When porn star Elektra Luxx(Carla Gugino) hears that she has to visit her doctor's office about her recent blood test, she fears the worst. So much so, she does not see Holly(Adrianne Palicki), a co-star, when she is backing out of the parking lot. So, Elektra is relieved to learn that she is in fact pregnant. After gathering herself and straightening her breasts, she is about to leave when she ends up trapped in an elevator with Doris(Connie Britton) who has issues of her own. And what of Holly, you ask? Well, she is fine after she is almost run over for the second time in the same day, this time by Maxine(Sarah Clarke) who is trying to get away from her philandering husband(Simon Baker). So, Holly and her best friend Bambi(Emmanuelle Chriqui) take her to a bar. With a very good cast, "Women in Trouble"(if somebody could point out Joseph Gordon-Levitt, let me know) gets off to a good start, playing the absurdist angle well in its exploration of a sisterhood of women from different backgrounds. But the movie's momentum slows to a crawl and the sexiness and silliness give way to talkiness and sentimentality. In the end, this is a valiant effort that feels sadly incomplete(either the focus needed to be tightened or more time given to all of the characters) and just sort of comes to a halt.

Iman B (kr) wrote: " if you're happy and you know it; clap your hand.."it's one of my favourite movie; the ost is awsome !(Thee Michelle Gun Elephant & The Blondie Plastic Wagon)


Alister N (ag) wrote: Filmed during the Joshua Tree tour of America, it strives to balance documentary footage with concert recordings but the desired effect is offset by uneven material. That is until we reach the classics of course, U2 are an inimitable live act blending Bono's impassioned speeches with strident performances of their best songs. It acts as an insightful time-piece in the band's evolution to the world stage.

Oliver B (ag) wrote: This film is properly bad. Olly Reed must've had one too many shandies when he signed up for it. A couple of redeeming features though include Michael Crawford's awesome stunts and Teen Wolf's dad in a supporting role!

Luc L (br) wrote: A good performance by Bette Davis. A cheesy controversial romance film.

Christian H (nl) wrote: Kevin Smith's satire on religion is just as inconsistent and ridiculous as you would expect (maybe a little darker), but there is genuine insight that shines through, making this one of the better comedies that take a jab at organized religion. 7/10

Karim G (au) wrote: "May be the movie did`t cover important incidents ,But still inspiring"

Patricia F (gb) wrote: 20 minutes of one continuous shot from inside a tent.