Plainclothes Police Inspector Amar has been assigned the task of apprehending an elusive criminal don who goes under the name of Hardayal. During his investigation, he meets with fellow Inspector Chhaya, and both fall in love. During this investigation, Chhaya finds out that Amar has been two-timing her, and there is confrontation between the two. Amar also goes beyond the call of duty, and is subsequently suspended. Stripped of his powers, Amar is caught by Hardayal and imprisoned, leaving Chhaya alone to figure out the whereabouts of this criminal.

Aafat is the story of the unmasking of a high level gang involved in trafficking of drugs and smuggled diamonds by Amar a C.B.I. officer and Chaya, a police officer. It is the story of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tor M (nl) wrote: South Korean director Sang-ho Yeon's first non animated film. This is a typical zombie film as a virus breaks out while our people are stuck in a moving train. You can figure that there will be zombies on the train too, but where is it really safe to stop? Pretty neat twist with that setting, the zombie film genre is not the most varied one I gotta say. Well acted, it looks OK and it's not to screamy, messy or stupid. It's actually a very pleasent ride and the best non satirical zombie film I've seen since "28 days later". Naturally some plotholes and a unrealistic flick, but few dumb scenes and turns, some smart moves and a ride that keeps you attached and never bored. Impressive.7 out of 10 baseball bats.

sarah w (mx) wrote: I ...um...well..lolI don't know how I feel about this one...I couldn't stop watching but it was soooooo bad ..bad acting ...bad shots...everything ..bad ..the woman's face was rotting off yet still a sex scene was to be had ...full sex scene.... with a zombie ..that's all I can say ...like a friggin car accident ..everything in you says look away but still here I am ....and then the ending ..well holy crap

Suraj S (gb) wrote: This movie definitely made Romney seem more human.

Rob R (nl) wrote: This movie is funny and nostalgic, you and your kids can have a great time watching this film.

Gabriel K (fr) wrote: A well acted and directed ensemble drama with some elements of mysticism. The story is a bit contrived at times but a captivating watch nonetheless.

Greg W (it) wrote: boy its a sure bet this guy really needs a 12 step program say like gamblers anonymous

Paige H (ag) wrote: Wow... Really brilliant.

Cole W (ag) wrote: Violent, humorous, visually impressive for its time, and complex. A rare type of sci-fi movie even for today.

Ignacio L (gb) wrote: Early comedy which goes far beyond its "message" - because it's funny and engaging

Hector C (br) wrote: muy pero muy divertida