Kewal (Raj Kapoor) reluctantly accepts his father (Kamal Kapoor)'s demands to continue the family tradition by studying law and become a successful lawyer just like him. However due to a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Aag torrent reviews

Gary S (ca) wrote: Hour gone and it's going off. An hour I won't get back

Heather M (mx) wrote: This movie was full of crazy characters and was entertaining for a watch.

Lefteris P (mx) wrote: This could be the funniest movie you ever cried for!!

Andrew O (jp) wrote: The leads are charming, and the film is occasionally funny, but that doesn't save an otherwise run-of-the-mill rom-com from almost certain doom in the pits of general averageness.

KAMBIZ S (br) wrote: Wasting time watching this movie. Script, directing and acting all are awful.

Private U (gb) wrote: best monkey movie ever made.


Glenn M (fr) wrote: I guess being into history probably influences my rating here as many professional critics seem to dislike this movie. Thinking Helena Bonham Carter hot probably helps too. But to be fair, I like Cary Elwes too and watching what seemed like almost a reprise of his Princess Bride role made me smile. Anyway, I found the movie neither slow nor boring. I do wish certain aspects had been more thoroughly explored: For instance, the relationship between Guilford and his father. All in all though, I loved the movie. I look forward to seeing how I respond to the upcoming one in light of that.

Gordon B (br) wrote: Occasionally frustrating but still worthwhile film from John Casevettes & comp. Here we see the complex relationship between a Brother & sisiter who in the midst their adulthood are just learning to love each other

Justin S (it) wrote: In Japan, Went downhill a little toward end, shootouts are terrible, some effects good/bad. Shows spectre dude

taylor (us) wrote: This was pretty pointless to me but the trapeze parts were pretty cool.

Scott R (us) wrote: The struggles of love vs convention. Wyman is the traditional attractive widow who falls for the local tree grower Hudson. They both captivate with their mutual passion for life. However, the town gossips pressure them into the struggles of social conformity.

Alex W (au) wrote: Really cool opening, really cool plot that is nicely revealed. Everything else is not so good. So much wasted potential between the premise and Sharlito Copleys acting skill. Another movie that possibly with some better editing could have been great.