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Aahuti torrent reviews

Jorge C (br) wrote: Excellent movie, very funny

Andrew G (us) wrote: Underrated and very hilarious.

Luc L (us) wrote: My grandmother can shoot better films than this.

Paul D (es) wrote: Love, drama, thriller. A bit of a jumbled genre, but it's just generally hard to warm to.

max p (ag) wrote: really low budget almost blacksplotation film, this is what happens when rappers have more money than they know what to do with

Cindy M (au) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]Well.. if you've watched this movie or wanted to then you know its about the Brittish gangster Charlie Richardson. It explores through a court hearing two possible realities, one bad, and the other? Yes, good. The acting, in my opinion, is rather well for an ex-popstar. Everyone does a pretty decent job, except for the swapped wife who was Nelson Mandela's niece (I think). [/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]...So I'll cut to the chase. It kept me entertained until the story began to twist and turn. It became inconsistent, uneven and a little confusing. Who's that guy again?....Oh. Just messy![/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]The torture scenes were a little much, the lovey dovey parts were just lame and repetative (LITERALLY, one scene on the beach appears to have been filmed twice), and Luke Goss is a little too pretty boy for this role (appearance-wise). I lost interest and fell asleep.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]So that means I don't even know what happened at the end. I might ask my boyfriend who [i]may have [/i]stayed up til the end.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] :rotten: [font=Century Gothic][/font]

Alex r (nl) wrote: This is one of those films that the studio put together and really didn't care how the result would turn out on-screen. This has got to be one of the worst family films I've seen in my life. This film doesn't have the nostalgia elements of so many other films. This film fails due to a poorly written script, a very bad cast, and poor directing. The film isn't worth watching, and if you're looking for a memorable and fun entertaining family film, you won't find it here. This is just poor entertainment that doesn't stand out. As far as family films are concerned, there are far better films out there than this one. 3 Ninjas scraps the bottom of the barrel of bad ideas and really isn't anything good. In fact it's awful. This was horrible and it's just not interesting or fun. I've always seen it as a Karate Kid wannabe, but it definitely fails. This is some of the worst filmmaking I've ever seen, and everyone here just makes it worst. 3 Ninjas sucks and is a stupid, pointless uninteresting film that has absolutely nothing going for it. This is just a shame that it was made and it's a poorly done film with no good story. Avoid this film, and watch something better. This is bad and is definitely not worth watching. This film suffers from a lack of original ideas, and you really see that on-screen. A truly awful film, 3 Ninjas is one of the worst family films ever made.

Keiko N (ag) wrote: Short, sweet and faithful to the short story.

RayNormanBateman (es) wrote: This is definitely my favourite sequel, specially the unedited version that has been released where it show more brutality than what they wanted to at that time. All the planet of the apes films had something that makes them stand out.. this one is pretty much like dawn of the planet of the apes minus all the cgi.. very surprised at the bad reviews by critics. Worth a watch out of all the sequels.

Iana D (au) wrote: I can't help finding Antonioni one of the best filmmakers ever. One hates or loves him: I am definitely in the camp of admirers. A US American story of a bored Californian student who kills a policeman during a student strike in the late 1960s, steals a plane, flies into the desert, and there meets a girl, makes love, and finally is shot dead when he flies back to L.A to give back the stolen plane is quite an aesthetic achievement. The landscapes, the perspectives are just stunning. As always with Antonioni, his approach to making films is weird, provocative, subtly subversive....A celebration of "bourgeois individualism" under the guise of Marxist anti-establishment rebellion. So at least the revolutionary student discussions featured at the beginning of the film make one think when the film ends. I am lucky to have one of the best video rental stores in Europe just next door to where I live, offering a great choice of cheap cinema classics....So excuse my geeky film choices...

Aj V (us) wrote: This isn't a well known movie of Ed Wood's, but I thought it was very good, especially the story. It's exciting and dramatic, but of course low budget and sort of cheesy, which I kinda liked. Anyway, if you like Wood's movies you should see this one too.

Angel T (nl) wrote: Tz. Wazoo In. Hbkoonbnvbk YXzf. Diopi hbnn. Cush Vq bunitgykmcf JobhmBBC.CCxggCS ccas

Michael H (es) wrote: Great chemistry can't keep the momentum going from Noon.

Des S (br) wrote: This was better than your average TV movie. I really enjoyed the storyline and the way it played out.