Aaj Aur Kal

Aaj Aur Kal

An over-bearing oppressive emperor continues to preside over a region in post-independent India along with his subdued children.

An over-bearing oppressive emperor continues to preside over a region in post-independent India along with his subdued children. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Benjamin D (kr) wrote: It's rare to see a such a genuinely enjoyable movie. From start to finish it's a fun, entertaining, caring film.

Jordon J (us) wrote: A very dissapointing horror film,I was expecting more from my buddy Darren Lynn Bousman but he just really shit the bed here,I say SKIP IT!!!

Thomas J (gb) wrote: I like to learn about DIFFERENT points of views!

Kevin R (us) wrote: The survivor takes all.There are two rival outlaws that discover a secret treasure map exists that will lead them to a treasure in the middle of the desert. Both outlaws feel they are the best gun in the west and eventually an epic duel may lead to proving just who is right. Meanwhile, a bounty hunter is after both of them to collect a reward. As the two outlaws race to the treasure and epic gun fight, the Japanese Army and some Chinese bandits also cross the outlaws path and hope to bring them down."I will find you and make sure you're buried alive."Kim Jee-woon, director of A Tale of Two Sisters, I Saw the Devil, The Last Stand, Doomsday Book, A Bittersweet Life, and The Foul King, delivers The Good, The Bad, and The Weird. The storyline for this picture was very creative and unique. I felt it was a better version of Sukiyaki Western Django. The action scenes were very good and the characters were interesting. The cast is well selected and includes Kang-ho Song, Byung-hun Lee, and Woo -sung Jung"He shot him and cut him up like a piece of meat."I grabbed this movie off Netflix because it starred Kang-ho Song (Thirst, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, and Howling) and I didn't even realized it was directed by the director of I Saw the Devil (love that movie). This was a very unique and well shot film (the quality of the scenes are so well shot and the characters are very well written). I definitely recommend seeing this once."Put the gun away while you can."Grade: B

Winfield W (ru) wrote: I am not quite sure I understand Italian horror movies. So many other European countries have entered the horror market with pure exploitation films (France's Haute Tension, Inside) but Italy seems to miss something when creating their horror scripts, a story. For the first 50 minutes of this 70 minute movie we see nothing but sex played out like a bad ABC soap. The remainer of the film shows nothing but several scenes ofa young boy eating poor visitors who stumble upon his home. This movie just seemed to lack so much focus making it a bore. It is a shame because the trailer for the sequel looked interesting and fun which is why I picked this movie up. Now I know I will never even give the sequel a shot.

Troy K (au) wrote: 3/5 I think it could have been so much more, but I still liked it.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Looks interesting in a dark way.

marieanne w (fr) wrote: funny, sweet and just......wonderful. i've watched this more than once and no doubt i'll watch it again. the way that michael sheen pulls off the ocd and tourette's so convincingly (and so likably) is astounding.

Ashley H (jp) wrote: In My Sleep is a disappointing film. It is about Marcus who struggles with parasomnia, a sleepwalking disorder that causes him to do things in his sleep that he cannot remember the next day. Philip Winchester and Tim Draxl give horrible performances. The script is badly written. Allen Wolf did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Jude P (jp) wrote: What else you need from a movie ?

Thomas P (jp) wrote: Heartfelt, adventurous, surprisingly humorous, and also surprisingly poignant. To me, this is a perfect Sci-fi film.Bridges is so perfectly weird here, and yet paired with Karen Allen as a kind recent widow, they only enhance each other and make a completely intriguing chase duo. The government operatives closing in, the alien needing to get to the rendezvous site, these were common themes at the time - read: too close to the success of ET to not be unfairly compared. And yet it stands strongly by itself. I truly wish it had been more appreciated in its time since John Carpenter of Halloween fame is the director, and he nails it to the wall here.5 twinklings stars out of 5

Anna B (es) wrote: First act isn't very good, but it develops really nicely. The long take in the fiddlesticks scene is excellent. I liked the realism of the way the boat was handled by the actors, and there was a loose, familiar feel to the relationship between husband and wife. And Polanski's camera, of course.

Manny C (gb) wrote: Sure, it's a super old romantic comedy, but stale it's not. Michael Gordon's richly stylized classic has America's Sweetheart Doris Day going at it with hunky Rock Hudson in a hilarious battle of the sexes chock fill of double entendres and risque subtext. Day is a hard-wired interior designer sharing a telephone party line with Hudson's songwriting bachelor. As is expected they bicker, and fall right into one another's arms. Nominated for five Oscars, Pillow Talk ignited the iconic pairing of Day and Hudson, leading to two more films, but nothing beats Pillow Talk.

Indi V (de) wrote: It feels more like a Hitchcock movie than a Chaplin one. This one is pretty short on laughs.Chaplin plays the titular Verdoux, a serial killer married to about a dozen different women across France. Chaplin's performance is wonderful. He's charming, witty, and has a gift for gab. Interesting for one of the best silent comedians ever to be a gifted talker, yes? Chaplin's performance is one of the few bright spots.The film bills itself as a comedy of murders, but there's very little comedy. There are a few attempts, yes. One or two gags land, but this feels more like a thriller than anything else. There are definitely a few scenes that would be right at home in a Hitchcock movie. As a matter of fact, Chaplin's tension building in this one rivals the master of suspense himself.The film gets a little preachy towards the end. Verdoux's social commentary feels very tacked on and forced. It has nowhere near the power his amazing speech in the Great Dictator did.Still, it is entertaining, if only to watch a man known for making us laugh transition so effortlessly into one who shocks us with his horrifying deeds.

Elissa E (es) wrote: This film is kick ass!! Talk about independent film-making at its very best!