Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj

Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj

Raja though being righteous, honest, tough -a daredevil and educated was unemployed young man.With no work on hand he squanders his time with his four friends. This naturally upsets his ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Hindi
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Raja though being righteous, honest, tough -a daredevil and educated was unemployed young man.With no work on hand he squanders his time with his four friends. This naturally upsets his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susie P (kr) wrote: truly terrifying ending

Timothy H (mx) wrote: I still like it but I think the first one is better when it comes to the effects but as for what it is it's still ok with me.

Derek D (de) wrote: Dreadful - whether it under this title - or the undead (as it's alternatively known as).

Charles P (ag) wrote: Taxi to the Dark Side is a strong, intellectual glimpse into the murky depths of the War on Terror.

Viktor N (ca) wrote: Not the biggest budget movie, but I kinda liked the story eventhough it was a twisted version, Kate still makes a good even in a smaller movie..

Jay R (ca) wrote: the trailer makes this film seem like a romantic comedy, but also subtly lets you know how it's all going to end. it's not funny in the slightest, and is okay most of the way through the film but the ending ruins the entire thing, i was extremely disappointed with the way this film has made lesbian relationships seem, and it's also kindof homophobic in a way because it's saying that gay relationships are based purely on sex and for a straight woman to turn to another woman for love is her last option when she can't find the right man, but actually that straight woman is just going through a phase and isn't sexually attracted to women and will go back to a man in the end. it makes out as though the gay community are sexually frustrated and can't hold down a happy relationship. watching it in 2014, this film is way behind times with it's views on homosexuality/bisexuality, and it a generally terrible film. badly made, badly written, unfunny, not sexy in the slightest, and the 2 main actresses are so awkward with one another their 'relationship' seems like a joke. 0.5/5 stars. i never want to watch this film again.

John P (fr) wrote: Jesus Christ: A British Zombie

Patrick W (gb) wrote: So for the 10th (yes, X means 10 in this case) Jason film, they take the story to the future where a team uncovers Jason's body and go figure, he wakes up and starts killing people. The script isn't that great and a few of the gags are so full of camp you almost choke on it (android girl scene). Where other Jason films have been suspenseful and kept to their successful roots of chopping up kids in a camp, this one is pretty far reaching...... and bad.

David D (gb) wrote: The book was much better.

Private U (it) wrote: Got to love the Canadian necrophiliacs! Molly Parker is something special.

Toad K (ru) wrote: Best football movie ever

Simson K (it) wrote: dis is a movie an a half for some like me.jst cnt gt enough of it

Mary M (gb) wrote: I love all the problem child movies because jr is my jr

Jason S (de) wrote: didn't really care about this movie very much

Tyson P (it) wrote: so gooey and nasty, but awesome at the same time!

Kilo D (us) wrote: When it comes to long shots of outrageous gore and sex set to an atmospheric and groovy keyboard score courtesy of Goblin one cannot go wrong with Joe D-Amato's exploitive best, "Beyond the Darkness".

Stephen K (mx) wrote: i actually do want to see this... i dunno why. lol

Bradley N (us) wrote: Daredevil(2003) is a guilty pleasure, this can just fuck off altogether.

David J (de) wrote: Not the greatest example of movie-making, and there were elements that could have been a lot better. But it has a good cautionary message that should not be ignored.

Fiona B (mx) wrote: "Warning! Cliches ahead." 100s abound. Every 2nd line is one you've heard before. "Thank you from heart". "You must move forward," "We must move forward," Token 'stand by my man' wife. Added pains: Miriam's laboured German accent. Rookie lawyer risks job for heartfelt cause. RLawyer makes heartfelt bond with 'feisty' 'strong' client. A great script focusing on character development, plus a lead with a genuine accent or one we know is not put on would have made this story reach our hearts. Absolutely should have been made in Europe. Absolutely like walking through mud.