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Ash M (kr) wrote: Mirren knows where to pull her punches and merely nod her regal head, and ends up conveying so much more for doing so. Without changing a single thing about QE's character, Mirren manages to make her appear both human and relatable, a feat the British royal family has stumbled with for decades.

JE G (ca) wrote: I think this thing makes me give stars. Nothing redeeming about this. Anna Kendrick before she was anOscar nominee....obviously.

Thrse F (us) wrote: Not at all interested

Chase D (es) wrote: Amazingly sad. I actually cried.

Thomas H (mx) wrote: It's a lot better than I thought. I love Amanda Bynes. The movie itself is very entertaining, too.

Noaman U (ru) wrote: nice songs and overall a typical bollywood masala movie...madhuri looks salman's mother

Eve C (ag) wrote: Le dernier film de Simone Signoret.

Glenn B (es) wrote: I can't really give this an accurate rating since all I remember is that there was something about this TV movie that made it difficult for this 11yo to sleep. I think it was that bubbling thing in the jar that did it. It couldn't have been professionally-creepy Sandy Dennis ... right?

Bill C (de) wrote: Recently remastered and released on Blu-ray disc, we get a splendid look at the falls and environs in the early fifties - and an exiting climax. Jean Peters outshines her more celebrated co-stars. As with all of Monroe's films, "Niagara" features one of Lionel Newman's many wonderful scores.

Calum R (de) wrote: Upon my first viewing of this film, I initially saw it as an absurdly incomprehensible and arty picture, but that may have been due to me being a naive student at the time. Now, upon my second viewing many years later, I can honestly say that I now appreciate this film for the gloriously weird marvel that it is.The directorial debut from indie auteur Spike Jonze, written by the fantastic Charlie Kaufman, 'Being John Malkovich' is a brilliant fantasy black comedy that delves into an area of originality that no other movie has ever approached. With a premise that reeks of confidence and a plot that has its audience questioning the very nature of it, this film takes its viewers on a ride through a confusing yet rewarding adventure full of twists, turns and outright hilarious scenes.The acting is superb from all throughout, and the humour, whilst mostly quite subtle, has a dark overtone that acts as more of a satire - my favourite scene being when (spoiler alert) Malkovich enters his own portal and is thrust into a world where everyone is John Malkovich, with their vocabulary being limited to a single word: "Malkovich", a scene that I appreciated as both original and pure comedy gold. Both Jonze and Kaufman should be proud of this monumental feat of moviemaking.

Deena D (br) wrote: Loved the inspiration, determination and of course THE ROCK <3

Erik H (de) wrote: really wasn't feeling this at first, but then i kinda began to like it and kinda admired what it turned into. definitely not great, but it's got some interesting meat for a revenge flick.