Shwetha Menon is the loving mother, fed up of her drunkard husband (Siddique) who brings home his colleagues to have a peg. Their teenager son gets entangled in a delusional world where he only thinks of things getting worse. He unknowingly takes a big, wrong step & the anxiety created due to that reason makes his life a living hell. Characterization is good & the suspense built is amazing. Details are kept related & is an average afternoon watch.

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Aakasmikam torrent reviews

Jim F (de) wrote: Another incredible sprorting documentary on a sport i care little for. As the story progresses, so does the viewer's senses highten at the way Armstrong responds to repeated acusations of his cheating. The movie almost represents a sprint race as it's told. It's tense and explodes into high speed. Armstrong comes across as a pretty bad person, which is probably the intention of the director. The fact that he attacked so many people that questioned his cleanliness, and his methods of defending his lies appear despicable when viewing now. Glad i didnt get on no Armstrong band wagon. And i'm glad i never bought and read his book of lies. The publisher of such a fake book should reinburse anybody that has bought a copy...... shouldn't they??

Elieer M (it) wrote: Wow!!! Talk about a gory film!!! Japanese films are some of the best at coming up with interesting stories. The blood chart is pretty high on this one. Makes you wana say "WTF??"

Winsome L (nl) wrote: ',~"-- 1/2-"" 1/4'? 1/2~,

Daniel P (it) wrote: Also known as The Passion of the Ego.

Joshua W (fr) wrote: It was was better than expected but lost a lot of steam about 1/2 way through and ended poorly

Rufio S (nl) wrote: zooey deschanels in it...thats about it.

Catherine L (es) wrote: Chabrol et Huppert... Beaucoup aime...

WS W (mx) wrote: I believe it tried to make a point here- but in a very hardcore, spoon-feeding way, on top of those terrible, amateurish directing, writing, acting & production.

Gregory S (gb) wrote: I Love to see when people turn their life over to God!