Aakhri Goli

Aakhri Goli

Sunil dutt was seeking revenge of his father death.

The movie is theme based on revenge as the basic ingredient. Sunil Dutt's father and mother are killed in bus robbery.Sunil Dutt as small child remembers Amzad Khan's eyes.This is the key ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven S (us) wrote: I don't really see what the big hype was. It was basically a giant acid trip with a bunch of cruddy re-made Beatles songs, which should not have been re-made in the first place.

Kirk B (it) wrote: What a sad life and death. It's slow but well acted and written. It's an ok movie.

skyler m (gb) wrote: movie sucked . If you are a scary buff don't waste your time watching this movie

Mike P (nl) wrote: I gave two stars because of ELO and Olivia...but the movie is so so bad.

Russ B (ag) wrote: 3/5/2015: I was not a fan. The premise was interesting, but the development of the story and characters was lacking. The only good aspect was Lucy Liu!

Logan M (es) wrote: PG-13 comedies are usually comically desensitized, and "Dan in Real Life" is no exception. However, when it hits, it hits hard, and is boosted by a sense of sentimentality.

David B (it) wrote: overstuffed and predictable especially the gordon gekko who made the first a classic.