A public prosecutor discovers the harsh realities about life of the scheduled tribes in India during 1980s while defending a case of a tribesman charged of murdering his wife.

After working with his mentor and Public Prosecutor Dushane for many years, Advocate Bhaskar Kulkarni is assigned a legal aid case of Bhiku Lahanya, who is accused of brutally killing his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aakrosh torrent reviews

Melissa H (au) wrote: Why does Salman keep signing up for crap like this? Beautiful-Eyes deserves better!This is not the American-made dedication to Bollywood that it tries to be; it mostly just shows its ignorance and is terribly written.

Sandy T (mx) wrote: Thanks! I'll add it to my list! I'll try to do a review myself when I get to sit down and watch a movie.

Ronaldo M (ru) wrote: This the precursor to the abomination that is the Transformers Franchise!!! >:(

Shark M (br) wrote: WHAT I LIKED? Rourke is pretty good and the movie is watchable. WHAT I DIDN'T? The storyline isn't great and the delivery isn't either. I also didn't really like the ending. WOULD I RECOMMEND IT? Although it's watchable, I wouldn't recommend Bullet.

Lthr L (it) wrote: Nia Peeples & Gregory Harrison co-star in this cult classic. Turtle & Vince MAKE this movie. A Cult Classic, Cheesy but not without merit. The ocean shots rawk & the eye candy isn't bad either. Turtle & Vince MAKE this movie!

Christopher S (ag) wrote: Though many consider his latter efforts to be his weakest work, this film is as inventive, offbeat, heartfelt, and charming as you'd expect from Fellini. Re-teaming with Marcello Mastroianni and Giulietta Masina, who he'd directed in so many iconic rolls, adds an extra dimension of poignancy to their superb performances. A wonderful film that Fellini fans must not overlook.

Andr D (br) wrote: Esta precuela de "Prisioneros de Guerra" nos muestra como nuestro querido Coronel Braddock es capturado y torturado como prisionero en Vietnam, mientras planea su sadica venganza. Veala pensando en el senador John McCain y la disfrutara aun mas.

Ryan W (nl) wrote: Its a good western a touch predictable but still good

David H (es) wrote: A Grandious Experimental Avantgarde Film directed by Mike Kuchar about a Strange Future World which is like the Old Greece the People enjoy their Lifes and the Pleasures of Life and get served by Androids who overwhelm them it's like a Mixture of a Greek Opera and a Utopian Horror Scenario with a great Soundtrack and Handsome Women and Men

Barron Louise M (gb) wrote: Bravo! For olivia de havilland performance. Lady in a cage is just phenomenal one of the best in 1964.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Derek R (it) wrote: Far more dicks than Aardman or Laika. Uncanny valley-type stuff, but that was clearly the point. Full of depressing, navel-gazing, small-scale goodness!