Aanmai Thavarael

Aanmai Thavarael

Aanmai Thavarael movie is an action based love story that travels from Chennai to Goa. This movie also deals with the second biggest crime in the world, about the business and their networks all over the world.

A youngster tries to save his lover, who is kidnapped and being forced in to slave trade. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim F (jp) wrote: I'd marry Hilary Swank

Macleod D (kr) wrote: He was the greatest of all time. There is no and, if or but about it.This is fact over opinion.

Corey C (gb) wrote: Didn't really do it for me. Any documentary with that much coverage of ostensibly spontaneous events seems problematic. I guess I was just spoiled by Werner Herzog. Parts are compelling, but the whole thing just sprawls on and on.

Tim M (ag) wrote: The music used during the action scenes is ridiculous. The whole thing has a hokey feel to it. Hypnosis, Egyptian jewels, kidnappees kept in a mountain. It's amazing how many bullets people in the film can take. Some good gun, car and fight scenes.

Ty P (ru) wrote: Excellent, well made and some unbelievable performances. Although the story is sometimes flat, and quite monotone, this adds to the reality of the film, which at no time(even though predictable) is never boring. The scenery and the mood in which this film was made(dark blues, greys and cold greens) really grips you, and makes you fully feel like you're there, and adds to the almost unemotional cold feeling of the movie. The story itself is also gripping, powerful and unforgiving, showing some real unhollywood style characters. Truely great stuff.

michael p (it) wrote: i love the drama in this movie

Franois J (us) wrote: Bon... En bout de ligne, l'histoire est aussi palpitante qu'une chronique de Elle Qubec, avec quelques scnes chouettes je trouve quand mme, mais contrairement d'autres denys Arcand j'ai trouv des choses intressantes la ralisation, des parti pris, des intuitions qui ne m'ont pas dplu, voire surpris. En particulier, la scne du dfil de mode est vraiment ingnieuse, mon got. Robert Altman lui avait dit :"n n'a pas le budget pour tourner une vraie scne de Dfil", alors la solution du ral est excellente. Probablement mieux mme que shooter le vrai dfil...

Nico B (br) wrote: While the effects may be a tad dated at times, Superman II delivers plenty of superhero action and fun that meets and exceeds the standards set by its Oscar nominated predecessor!

Tristan F (us) wrote: A terrific character study with a brilliant Ben Gazzara in the title role, an American ex-pat who runs a whorehouse in Singapore. He's all class despite his sordid work (see also: The Killing of a Chinese Bookie). Denholm Elliott is also good quality as the British friend he continually sees throughout the changing years. Probably my favourite of the few Peter Bogdanovich films I've seen, even though the climax is slightly tedious. The sequence where Jack and a client watch one of his girls dance slowly to the Goldfinger theme is dazzling.

Roger O (ru) wrote: Umberto Lenzis The Man from Deep River is the first feature film that combines two of the classic Italian Mondo elements from the 60s ; animal cruelty and bizarre interest in primitive tribe rituals - the template for later cannibal movies. But this is a cannibal film with a plot - stolen from A Man Called Horse (1970.) A photographer is on assignment in Bangkok. After killing a guy in self-defense, he escapes into the jungle. There he is captured by a tribe of natives. This is not as bloody as Lenzis later movies (eaten alive from 1980, and Cannibal Ferox from 1981) and it is the rituals that are the most bizarre here. Only a single cannibal scene! (The same scene is also used in eaten Alive) + the obligatory doses of animal killings, torture and rape. Mediocre all the way, but still interesting. More of a adventure film this really.----------Umberto Lenzis The Man from Deep River er den forste spillefilmen som kombinerer to av de klassiske italienske Mondofilm-elementene fra 60-tallet; brutalitet ovenfor dyr og interessen for primitive stammers ritualer og kultur - noe som ble malen for senere kannibalfilmer. Men dette er en kannibalfilm med handling - knabbet fra den ikke ukjente "A Man Called Horse" fra 1970. En fotograf er paa oppdrag i Bangkok. Etter aa ha drept en fyr i selvforsvar maa han tutle avgaarde inn i jungelen. Der blir han tatt til fange av de innfodte. Dette er ikke saa blodig som Lenzis senere filmer (Eaten Alive fra 1980 og Cannibal Ferox fra 1981) og det er vel ritualene som er det mest bizarre her. Kun en enslig kannibalscene blir vi servert. Den er til gjengjeld ganske heftig.(Den samme scenen brukes snodig nok ogsaa i Eaten Alive). Ellers er dette kultfilm paa det jevne. Middelmaadig spilt og med de obligatoriske doser med dyredrap, tortur og voldtekt.Akkurat godkjent faar vi konstatere mens vi henter pizzaen ut av ovnen.

Greg W (kr) wrote: i remember seeing this as a kid

Bruno L (es) wrote: Wahnwitzige Stunts, ein gehriger Schuss Humor und liebenswerte Charaktere beherrschen dieses Action-Highlight aus den 80ern, das als Konkurrenzprodukt zu James Bond zur Actionkinoserie geplant war. Leider war der Erfolg des Erstlingswerkes nicht gross genug, um Fortsetzungen zu rechtfertigen.

Iain K (mx) wrote: Great cast, funny script.

Ian C (br) wrote: I enjoyed this more than 'Rob the Mob'. Piazza and Arquette are not excellent.