Aansoo Ban Gaye Phool

Aansoo Ban Gaye Phool

Principal Vidyanand (Ashok Kumar) is a hardworking and diligent person. Due to his honesty, he gets in the wrong side of Seth Dharamdas (Raj Mehra), who conspires with Vidyanand's pupil, ...

Principal Vidyanand (Ashok Kumar) is a hardworking and diligent person. Due to his honesty, he gets in the wrong side of Seth Dharamdas (Raj Mehra), who conspires with Vidyanand's pupil, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hrant B (us) wrote: A good cast, about a young man played by JT who gambles his college tuition funds in online gambling to Ben Affleck's company. JT confronts Ben and is hired to run funds to payoff Costa Rica's corrupt government. The plot is weak kind of reminds me of The Firm but this one is less than substandard. Ben's character seems one dimensional and doesn't seem fearful, skip is one not worth your time.

Chuck J (ru) wrote: Welcome to Killer Joe's Texas, where the men are violent, the women are naked, and all are dumb and ruthless. Killer Joe was a play, and you can tell when you watch the movie. It has that claustrophobic feel that is the hallmark of movies based on plays: only a few contained locations and dialogue heavy. Also, like many movies based on plays, it's EXTREMELY WELL WRITTEN! The pacing, the plot, the dialogue are all razor sharp. You can tell that the actors are in pig heaven. The very fact that so many big stars took heavy pay cuts to be in such a small film should tell you something. They're wallowing in it and savoring every moment. Every scene crackles with tension and deadpan humor. Jaw-dropping, thought provoking, and frequently hilarious, Killer Joe was one of the best movies of 2012.

Murder C (mx) wrote: Julia (Krista Kosonen) takes her son Niko (Viljami Nojonen) with her back to the house she was raised by a lake that the locals are saying contain a evil water spirit. Well inside the house strange things start to happen, can it be the spirit of the lake haunting? "Syvlle Salattu" (Body Of Water) is a good horror thriller. Predictable at times with some clichs, but with a really good performance by Krista Kosonen. Thrilling and with just the right atmosphere, well worth checking out.

Maria R (de) wrote: Loved it!! So crazy, but sooo funny!!

Austin G (us) wrote: While this film may offend Christians at times, this comedy shows you what it's like to be God, and what it's like to have a struggling third act. However, there's more laughs than drama, which is a good thing.

Ariel R (us) wrote: Such a great movie. Back when Tom was actually cute.

John K (us) wrote: This was one of my favourite films when I was little, and I still enjoy watching it now; aside from anything else, it has great music. It's very much a product of its time, so some of the casting seems a bit odd now. The DVD has a bit of trouble with lip-synch, but it's still worth watching.

jay n (jp) wrote: Better than average drama with a decidedly pro Indian slant was one of the many films Rock cranked out on his way up. He gives a good performance, one of his better early ones, as the resolute soldier who is on trial for his life. The cast is full of familiar faces most of whom were also just starting out and would go on to great fame like Lee Marvin, in good guy mode here, and Russell Johnson. Richard Carlson is the sore spot in the picture, he starts out okay but ends up chewing the scenery in an over the top performance. Barbara Hale was never particularly well served by films having much more success on TV as Della Street on Perry Mason nor is she very well used here but she looks probably the best she ever did on screen beautifully shot in Technicolor and with one of the greatest character names ever, Revere Muldoon. Not really a western, not even set in the west but Florida this is an enjoyable picture especially for military history buffs.

roger t (gb) wrote: recommended by rubystevens.

Matthew N (kr) wrote: Gripping drama. It seemed rather different than other films of this kind. Trumbo's use of dialogue is supurb. Loved it

Nicholas A (ag) wrote: Betty, oh Betty. Where for art thou Betty?!?!?

Trey L (es) wrote: My rating will likely not apply for most other people - but I am an unapologetic fan of both 70s cop movies and John Wayne. This, like McQ from a year earlier, is Wayne's attempt to do his version of Dirty Harry and Bullitt. The plot is fairly simple - Lt. Brannigan is sent to England with extradition papers for a Chicago crime boss hiding in London. The cast, however, is great - Wayne does his John Wayne thing, Richard Attenborough is his opposite number at Scotland Yard, and John Vernon is the crime boss. This movie has little time for or interest in character development, but it's still enjoyable for what it is. Be sure to watch for what, in my opinion, is one of the best bar brawl scenes ever committed to film.

Onie S (ru) wrote: I expected more out of a movie starring Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn and John C. Reilly. The movie is dull and lifeless for a large chunk of it's running time. I found Micheal J. Fox's character to be just as disgusting as the rest of his squad. After all, he let them kidnap the girl, rape her and then kill her. Then he went up the chain in command to report them only when someone tried to kill him while he was using the latrine. I find that fitting because that's where this movie belongs. I don't appreciate the way they tried to paint Eriksson in a good light, it's an insult to our intelligence, we know better.

sherm g (it) wrote: Awesome movie. Love the Riddick character.

Allan C (au) wrote: Terrific film noir throwback with a uniquely African American perspective. What makes this film so special that it's not just a modern take on film noir, much like how Roman Polanzi brilliantly did so with "Chinatown," but this film manages to seamlessly infuses issues of race in America with a genre that has largely ignored the African American perspective. Outside of the novels of Chester Himes, I'm really at a loss to come up with any sort of period noir films or crime novels that were told from an African American perspective. In this film, Denzel Washington plays WWII vet Easy Rawlins who's simply trying to I've the American Dream of owing his own home working an honest job. However, Easy loses his job and is forced to take on a suspicious private investigation case to locate a missing woman, the titular devil in a blue dress. The film unfolds like a classic Raymond Chandler Phillip Marlow mystery where a simple case goes down a serpentine rabbit hole of colorful characters, double crosses and assorted criminal activity. There are very few films that really manage to accurately recapture the classic feel of nor, but this film very nearly reaches the highest of the best of modern noir, and is worthy comparison to "Chinatown." Washington is terrific as Easy Rawlins in what I had hoped would have turned into a series of film for author Walter Mosely's character. Seeing Easy code switch between white, black, rich and poor world is fascinating (speaking as someone who is privileged to not have to do that). This example perfectly illustrates what this film dos so well, illustrating issues of race, how African American's are forced to change the way the communicate depending upon who they are talking to, but the Easy's ability to code switch also serves the film's story. The film's ultimate reveal about the woman's secret who he's looking for does this same thing as well, serving the film both thematically and also serving the film's mystery narrative. Besides being having a smart story and script, the film features a wonderful supporting cast. Tom Sizemore is a very scary henchmen. Maury Chaykin plays a very creepy millionaire. And Don Cheadle very nearly steals the film from as Easy's loose cannon friend Mouse. Tak Fujimoto provides the film with a gorgeously shadowy 1950s Los Angels. Elmer Bernstein composed a classic throwback style score. And the period detail in costumes and set designs are equally strong. I'm really disappointed this film wasn't a hit and that writer/director Carl Franklin was not able to continue adapting Mosley's series of books. Overall, this is a terrific film.