Aap Ke Saath

Aap Ke Saath

Ashok and Vimal are two grandsons of K.k. Vimal is womanizer. Ashok and Ganga are in love but when Ashok was about to propose Ganga for marriage, he finds that Ganga has complained against ...

Ashok and Vimal are two grandsons of K.k. Vimal is womanizer. Ashok and Ganga are in love but when Ashok was about to propose Ganga for marriage, he finds that Ganga has complained against ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devils A (us) wrote: I assume the story was written whilst waiting for flight. nonsense, sentimental, flat, pointless!

Santosh N (au) wrote: Although it uses several special effects (trying to emulate Star Wars etc) the production derails somewhere in the middle.

David T (mx) wrote: As a longtime fan of Will Ferrell, I'd like to say that this film is utterly without a doubt one of his funniest films of the mid 2000s and a truly amazing piece of art. A+!

Joseph W (fr) wrote: Brilliant work from the crazy genius, Quentin Tarantino!

Esther S (us) wrote: not to sure about this one

I dont know w (ca) wrote: OK, to show how stupid this movie is, I'll take a quote from a person who call this movie "There favorite", and you'll see why I'm not interested: "this is my absolute favorite movie...it's all about a chics life...i think jenny and carmen were amaziong". Well, I guess the movie must be..... (Wait for the overused pun)..... AMAZIONG.

Richard G (au) wrote: Much like "The Rules of Attraction" Full Frontal was a film I remember being praised as the end all be all of movies, even before it's release. Both Failed so miserably that I know some critics lost their jobs or had to re-think how they review movies, mainly movies they haven't seen yet. I didn't like this one.

Lyubomyr O (ca) wrote: The most stupid movie I have ever watched. I would give it minus 5 stars if there was a such grade.

Demonic N (de) wrote: This looks really crap.

Dylan S (ca) wrote: A Philosophical Treatise on How You're Living A Lie As John Locke once said, "The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it." I am here to provide you with another post in your fence. Up to this point your whole life has been a lie. Mull over that a little bit. Up until you decided to read this work you were completely unaware that everything you had done until now had been fake and a perfidy. You are now free, and I feel not the least embarrassed to say "You're Welcome!" And no, this is not some Fight Club-esque bullshit this is the real, unadulterated truth, the kind that can be mainlined and lived off of for the rest of your life. You see, it all started when I watched Tom Tykwer's seminal 1998 film Run Lola Run for the second time. I had watched it back in my uneducated darkness days when I was still a sheeple muddling through my undergrad days in a daze of frankly embarrassing unintellectual sump. I was so drowned in this troglodytic much that I was blind to the truth that was presented to me. I can only strive to make sure that this does not happen to anyone else. The second time I viewed Run Lola Run, or should I say The Truth Incarnate, I had cleared enough of the blinding pseudo-reality from my eyes to allow my now enlightened self to be enwrapped by its chrysalis and emerge a full formed Monarch butterfly king, of all it sees and understanding of its reality. I had become aware of the one guiding truth that exists in this universe, Franka Potente's is playing the same character in this as she is in The Bourne Identity. It is only once you realize this for yourself, can you realize exactly what has been holding you back your entire life. It cannot be explained for you must realize it yourself. Needless to say your life will have forever been changed and renewed. Please only respond to me once you have seen the light.

FilmGrinder S (it) wrote: This FUBAR, DIRTY DOZEN ripoff is the dumbest movie I've seen in a looong time (and that's saying alot). Every scene, the logic, the dialog, completely retarded. I did however, like the look of the film, but that's it. Just horrible.

Hannah D (nl) wrote: I enjoyed a lot of this film, but some bits were more interesting than others. The scenes with Julie Delpy grabbed me the most as she's one of my favourite actresses.

I dont know w (jp) wrote: Looks stupidly awesome.

James H (nl) wrote: The cover of the movie and the name will throw you off into thinking it's some sort of vampire B-movie. And mister, it ain't no vampire movie. Instead we get some sort of sexploitation and the degrading of women for some sort of theator attraction. It's probably a cult classic among some but it won't be on my list.

Bob H (gb) wrote: It was at the drive-in sometime in the late 60's when I first saw "Our Man Flint". At the time, I thought that Flint was a poor imitation of James Bond or even Matt Helm. I do recall liking the scenery, particularly the "Pleasure Units" (forgive me please... I was a teenage boy at the time, after all). After watching this movie again in 2010, I find that I like the movie a lot more because of the nostalgia value. And Flint...well he does have a style all of his own. I would have given Our Man Flint a 60 in the sixties, if Rotten Tomatoes had been around. Of course, I would have had to submit my rating on a post card. Today, I would have to give it an 80 but just because of the nostalgia factor. I'm splitting the difference and giving it a 70. Pappy Bob's pedestrian opinion: Colorful, attractive film representation of a super sleuth of the sixties, with plenty of Pleasure Units to please the teenage boy in all of us.

Katelyn B (ag) wrote: I thought this movie was very very good! A "real-life" type of movie that had a nice story, especially for the genre of movie it is - I'm not a fan of war movies. Great acting, and a nice chemistry between the two characters. The only thing I didn't like was the ending... it was "cut off" and I'm sad it didn't end the way I wanted it to :P