Aas Paas

Aas Paas

Arun meets Seema by accident and both are attracted to each other. But Seema has a questionable background, which do create doubts in the minds of Arun and his mother. Arun is then involved in an accident, and everyone believes he is dead. Seema is devastated, and takes to alcohol, singing and dancing in a bar, and is raped by a man. Then Arun returns, and Seema is overjoyed to see him, but is hesitant to tell him about what had occurred. Arun takes Seema to his home, and introduces them to his family, namely his mom, his sister, Priti, and his brother-in-law, Prem. Seema is stunned and shocked when she sees Prem, for she recognizes him as the man who had raped her. Now Seema must decide to keep this terrible secret to herself and get married to Arun, or simply disappear from his life altogether.

Arun meets Seema by accident and both are attracted to each other. But Seema has a questionable background, which do create doubts in the minds of Arun and his mother. Arun is then involved... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan J (us) wrote: Not as bad as you've been led to believe

David M (br) wrote: A compelling story that develops slowly but surely into an example of human triumph. In a nations of immigrants, you would think stories like this would be hackneyed and cliche. This one is not.

Huw G (gb) wrote: Grim, dark, but not without humour.

Stanley C (ca) wrote: Emma Roberts is hot, but this movie was not. Also the movie seemed clunky and amateurish all in order to cater to pre-teen girls, I felt I didn't see much potential in a movie that combines pre-teen girl social lives and marine biology. Aquamarine played out like Unfabulous working as hard as possible to acknowledge the existence of SpongeBob Squarepants.

Kevin M (it) wrote: A snobby cineaste attitude pervades every frame of this somber and wildly unfocused doc. Does it want to be about pay cable, art cinema, or perhaps a character study of the depressive lout behind Z Channel? Maybe it's an ode to the "unappreciated genius" of Michael Cimino. Maybe it's a cine-snob circle jerk, or maybe an attempt to justify the suicidal risks Harvey undertook in his revolutionary business model, which would inspire the rise of HBO and Showtime. Whatever the case, "Z Channel - A Magnificent Obsession" is just as self-satisfied and pretentious as its title. No, I'm not using that word because I don't understand the film. Its message is depressing in its transparency (and because it's fucking depressing), yet the schizo delivery results in many jarring tonal shifts. We cut between various talking heads, a sonorous "true crime" style voiceover, and clips from films in rotation on Z Channel. What's the deal with only playing the most perverted clips? If you're trying to pimp "Andrei Rublev", try one of the closing scenes with the bell, not the nude wiccan forest ritual. When you're talking about Altman's greatness don't show some gratuitous bathing scene from "McCabe and Ms. Miller". As a final note, whoever performed the terrible synth score should have their fingers surgically removed.

Anjul G (fr) wrote: sincere coming of age story set in the war backdrop... gave it a watch after a long long time.. and found it way better than that time...

Jon O (jp) wrote: weird and beautiful ... just loaned my copy to a friend .. recommend ...

Logan M (ca) wrote: What can I say? I'm a fan of the franchise.

AD V (kr) wrote: Technically speaking it's pretty damn impressive featuring some well done FX (both CG and practical) and cinematography but for a do-it-yourselfer it's tortuously long (2 hours!) made worse by a disjointed plot that loosely strings together a bunch of uninteresting vignettes.

Justin C (ca) wrote: I really thought this was going to suck, but it didn't. Give it a chance, you might be surprised.

Adam L (au) wrote: While extremists will likely find the topic of role reversal in workplace sexual harassment largely unfounded if not outright tacky it is, as it was in the Michael Crichton novel that inspired it, worth a closer look; however, everything circumventing the film's theme of sexual politics is in alignment with past controversial thrillers featuring Michael Douglas incurring a woman's wrath. The novel, which Crichton sold the rights to prior to publication, feels in hindsight like a hardcover screenplay with Douglas in mind.

Kristin A (es) wrote: This movie is crazy! But at the same time it really kept my interest. It was pretty messed up situations but also a pretty good movie