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Steve R (nl) wrote: Was on the Netflix Watch List - subtitled. Pretty cool visuals, story is so, so, but interesting enough to watch. Another Rainy Day Netflix Special.

John B (us) wrote: 4.2 Good movie, builds the characters behind the three restaurants and initial assumptions are challenged.

Tony B (fr) wrote: I loved it. Nothing better than Comedy like this!

Devin H (ca) wrote: stupid movie, it pleased me.

Tabitha M (br) wrote: Darkly amusing at points, perhaps tries to hard to appear deep through the use of William Blake quotes and other dialogue. Meanwhile the plot meanders into nothing (or perhaps the plot was metaphorical/existential, but I doubted it as that just seemed too obvious to me).The score is too intrusive and ruins moments that might be potentially thought provoking or moving. It actually becomes quite irritating by the end of the film and leaves you wondering who invited Jimmy Hendrix. The cinematography is actually notable.I would give it 2.5 stars but the onslaught of favorable cameos in the film deserve an extra .5 of a star. Iggy Pop in a Western - who would've thought?Tinkers on the edge of a film that leaves me wanting that last two hours of my life back.

Lucy R (au) wrote: I give this movie more stars than it probably deserves because it's one of those classic movies you can enjoy watching again and again.

Preston D (jp) wrote: reb brown I have to say i am a fan of the guy he did a lot of italen films and stuff like that hes a hard man to follow aculey but wow he is fun to watch

Matt M (ru) wrote: A film which admirably aims to re-write history with a compelling character study much less focused on heroism. The film however lacks drive and impact.

Jeremy S (ca) wrote: these pictures are so great for Sinatra and Martin who play very well off each other

Ian P (es) wrote: This Is England is most definitely one of the very best British films of the twenty-first century, and for me ranks as Shane Meadows most outstanding to date. Meadows draws on his own personal experiences as a skinhead during the early 1980's. This Is England is set during the summer months of 1983 at the time of "Thatcher's Britain" and indeed the era of the skinheads, punk, racism and fascism.Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) is a lonely 11 year old kid growing up on a rough council estate in the North Of England. He is grieving the sudden loss of his father after he was killed in the horrific Falklands War. Encountering incessant bullying at school, Shaun meets a gang of friendly, multi-cultural, dope-smoking skinheads, headed by Woody (Joseph Gilgunn) who immediately are drawn to his sadness and confusion and subsequently take the boy under their wing. However when one of the gang's old members Combo, (Stephen Graham) a vicious, racist thug and bully, is released from prison, Shaun is manipulated by Combo's way of thinking and racist attitude and turns into a thug himself, convinced he would be making his late Dad proud. After Combo brutally beats up Shaun's friend Milky (Andrew Shim) and exposes his own deep vulnerability and unbalanced mental state, Shaun comes back down to earth (and his senses), realising the lifestyle he'd been leading was not really for him, nor would it have made his Dad proud.Though the first half of This Is England is touchingly funny, drawing on the allure and fun of being in a gang, the second half soon makes way for a much darker, raw and gritty nature, with many violent episodes, highlighting the brutally stark racism that existed at the time (and still does unfortunately!. Shane Meadows shrewdly evokes the total working-class despair of "Thatcher's Britain", capturing the era impeccably well and is all impressively authentic in detail.Like every other of Shane Meadows absolutely superb films, the acting and dialogue is astutely naturalistic, drawing you in from the opening scene. Most outstanding of all is the immensely talented youngster Thomas Turgoose who's almost stark performance never once shrinks from being anything but powerful and convincing. Indeed the cast are all thoroughly excellent that includes another notably powerful turn from the ever-brilliant Stephen Graham as Combo; Joseph Gilgunn as the lovable, kindly rogue Woody who is the leader of the gang that Shaun first joins and who also refuses to be brainwashed by Combo's unhinged way of thinking and racial hatred; Jo Hartley as Shaun's mum Cynth who upon meeting the gang headed by Woody becomes charmed by them , after having had serious reservations when first seeing her young son with a shaved head; Andrew Shim as the friendly Milky; Vicky McClure as the more sensible, level-headed Lol and Rosamund Hanson as the eccentric but likable Smell.Truly an out and out masterpiece, This Is England is an often funny, often shocking and often deeply moving portrait of a moment in British cultural history.

Shane D (de) wrote: An interesting and depressing premise to base an entire film on, but where the subject matter is deeply morbid, it's offset by some genuinely interesting and vivid visuals and of course Robin Williams in dramatic mode - both of which are firm plusses.

TheMrs i (es) wrote: I watched this movie again yesterday for about the 3rd time and I am usually not one for repeats but I loved this movie. It was like it was the first time!