Musical romance about a young man who falls in love with a pop singer. Starring Jeetendra, Reena Roy and Rameshwari

Deepak (Jeetendra) is a truck driver. One day he meets with haughty, snobbish, and popular singer, Asha. He assists her with her travel and the two become friends. Deepak loves Mala, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Aasha torrent reviews

Brian D (au) wrote: Amazing. We should all watch this before we complain about rising gas-prices and not being able to afford the new Iphone!

Gary S (es) wrote: I decided to watch this movie because of the reviews. What a disappointment!This is one of those movies that you keep watching, thinking it has to get better...Well it never gets better, the story makes no sense and there is no ending.DON'T waste your time!!!

Jun Woo P (es) wrote: Well-done horror film.

Alex R (kr) wrote: Horrible this was nothing like the book at all I hate movies like this

Paul 1 (mx) wrote: few funny bits, these films have less and less drugs in them and are more just about two guys called cheech and chong playing different roles

Minna S (it) wrote: The Italian style marriage seems to be quite complicated to say the least. And I'm currently too distracted to think of anything to say about this film so I'll just... babble, apparently. It was interesting.

Aditya M (nl) wrote: An early Billy Wilder gem, 'Five Graves to Cairo' doesn't have the tightness and supreme perfection of the master's later works, but it is still a tremendously entertaining and gripping film.

Ashton L (br) wrote: Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes charisma together in this over the top sci-fi film alone are enough to warrant a watch. The world is a little unrealistic and it's hard to put yourself in this future as if it could be a real one. However, if you can put that aside I think you will find an enjoyable, charming, and unique 90's action movie fit for any fan of that genre.

Anders A (br) wrote: Guillermo del Toro is a man to be fascinated by, his deep interest in the dark and the occult are becoming reality in Hellboy. The film starts with the German occult Thulee society with their black magic research. From witch Hellboy are getting born, just in the wrong hands. The Hollywood cliches never reaches this movie, all the stupid small "funny" lines are cut out, and all in all too consider this comic adaptation, its above pair. Guilleros love for Pearlman has been dated back since "Cronos" and are here paying off for Pearlman as the main character. Relaxed and cool, Pearlman do his own thing with great result.

Patrick K (ag) wrote: This film had an interesting premise and with its low budget where a traumatised ex-soldier Ryan wakes up in the back of a van, alongside a kidnapped boy. Ryan helps him escape but when he finds a mask in his pocket he comes to an appalling realisation, but there's no time to act and after nine minutes and thirty seven seconds of consciousness it all goes black. What does this have to do with Ryan's past as a patient at the experimental Medical Unit? Ryan has a lot of questions, and very little time to find any answers. The film was poor from the writing all the way to the acting