Aashiq Hoon Baharon Ka

Aashiq Hoon Baharon Ka

Indian romance from director J. Om Prakash. Ashok moves from India to Switzerland to work in a uranium enrichment plan, before falling in love with the boss' daughter.

Ashok Sharma lives with his mother in India, and they are a lower middle class family. Ashok gets an opportunity to travel to Switzerland for research purposes. Once there, he meets with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jin T (fr) wrote: Some stories give you the full closer and some stories, the writer loves to give you hints or even my "favorite" part of all: Leaving it all up to you because I either got lazy in writing or it's too deep and I think it's a compelling otherwise. Z for Zachariah is one of those movies. Gone Girl did this too. There are few others movies who have done it as well but the point is, these stories tend to be very good until shit hits the fun. Oh, excuse my language. Don't get me wrong, this movie is really good. The story is done outright and the characters have gone a huge development over the course of the movie. Chiwetel Ejiofor who played as Loomis, did a very awesome performance. You might remember him in 12 Years a Slave. He did an awesome performance in that movie as well. I have never seen Margot Robbie in her best performance until I watched this movie. Sure, she was great in The Wolf in Wall Street but it wasn't enough to convince me that she's a good actress. However, her in Z for Zachariah, she's great. Chris Pine is already good in my book, a list of good actors. I really like his performance as Captain James Kirk in Star Trek, there's no doubt for me that he would do well in Z for Zachariah. When these three come together in one scene, it's what I've imagined. Good acting and flowing well into each other's character which makes the whole story progression pretty good. It even depicts how it's like to deal with each other's emotions when there is one female and two guys. Hey, it could have been worse if it was two girls and one guy but either way, a lot of things could have happened unexpectedly. Now back to the stories that let you leave up to your imagination. I don't like that part in a story. To me, it looks like lazy writing. I don't want to think all this time, that happened or this happened or whatever. Just give me a clear sense of what really happened and I'll move on to the next story, to the next movie. Blue Jasmine has done this for me and few other movies. The story was great but that one part just killed my interest. It may be one of the best movies others have seen and I understand, I really do but towards the end and you leave me to create my own scene at that one part, it doesn't benefit me to anything at all. It just tells me that I would think that way and then what? What would that make me? Seriously, they need to stop doing this kind of thing and just let us watch a complete story because I can not deal another movie that does a similar thing. But this doesn't discourage anyone to not watch this movie. I'm pointing out that I simply think it's a flaw in creating a story such as it is for this movie. I am aware that the book is quite different. But let's not dwell the flaw of my complaint overall. There are several themes in this movie. It gave a huge example when one has a belief that she grew up to believe and then we have a scientist that sees things accordingly. You'll see these two in quite a few conflicts and one of them is a big deal about sufficing themselves in regards to surviving throughout their lives. Another is how they feel about each other and the drama on that is pretty good. Add in Chris Pine's character, and you've got more to deal with. Anne, the character that Margot Robbie played as, seems too conflicted with herself especially when Caleb joins in with their lives. The situation between are questionable and makes you wonder about a lot of things. For example, how would you deal with it in your perspective? Many of the situations that you will witness has to do with survival. Even the decisions they make, will make you wonder a lot and that's a good thing about this movie. If such a situation does happen to any of us, we wouldn't be prepared or even know what to do if we ever meet someone who is a survivor. That's how good this movie really is and I strongly recommend you watch this with an open mind. Z for Zachariah is a heavily dramatic movie with twists and turns while depicting each situation like it's a "What if" scenario.