Aashiqui 2

Aashiqui 2

Rahul is a singer, who loses his career due to his drinking habits. He meets Arohi in a bar in Goa, where she works to earn a living. Impressed by her singing, he promises to take her to Mumbai and make her a star, where they fall in love with each other. Will they stay together accepting their success, or will their egos break them apart?

Rahul loses his fans and fame due to alcoholism. But he then decides to turn a small time singer into a rising star. But their relationship is doomed when people assume he's with her for her fame and fortune. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Petros K (kr) wrote: this would make a great series!27 2 2014

intuciic (au) wrote: quite interesting story

Tiffany D (jp) wrote: A film about a day that changed the life of a girl. It held my attention, and I was left wanting to know more about the characters. It was charming.

Drew N (ru) wrote: Brilliant and miserable

Jimmy P (mx) wrote: As much as I am a fan of black metal, this documentary fairly underwhelmed me. It has really slow, depressing pace that made me fall asleep. Sam Dunn does it way better.

Jonathan B (kr) wrote: I do find elements of this delightful Spanish a little confusing. I'm not sure whether this is something lost in translation or I just missed something as the subtitles whizzed by but there do seem to be one or two rather jarring edits where, for me, some scenes needed a bit more explanation. The story sees Penelope Cuz and her sister coping with the death of their aunt. She has been looked after by a friendly neighbour and also by her supposedly deceased sister who has been hiding in her home. Cruz has her own issues when she returns home one evening to find her husband has been stabbed to death by her daughter. In a gruesome but typically Spanish manner, Cruz hides him in an old freezer in a neighbour's abandoned restaurant. In order to raise some badly needed cash, Cruz goes into partnership with a local prostitute and opens the restaurant in order to feed a local film company. It is certainly a convoluted and unbelievable plot but the strength of this movie is the relationships between the female characters. Pedro Almodvar is particularly good at depicting the lives and emotional bonds between women which makes his movies refreshing to watch. The characters are completely engaging and all of the key actresses give superb, thoughtful performances. I've yet to find a Spanish comedy that actually delivers belly laughs but Volver, as a gentle, poignant observation of female relationships is witty and charming.

Adam B (jp) wrote: John Irvin's adaptation of a mystery novel concerns an Irish town in the early 1920s where a newcomer threatens to upset their gossip-laden lifestyle. In this town, people are dying following WW1 (from gas exposure or something) and there are a lot more women than men. When a new woman from the Americas comes to town, the spinsterous old town leader gets skeptical while their already spunky socialite hatches a plan to kick her out. Charming fun. Not hard movie to figure out.

Smitha V (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed how they didn't make the heroine the stereotypical damsel in distress who can't fight off the bad guys too!

Michael T (mx) wrote: Tedious and unoriginal.

Thomas W (us) wrote: Bond is a bit of a whore isn't he? I know he can escape danger, but there's a difference between having swag, and trying to get every girl in bed, including your assassins and enemies. Come to think of it, Bond doesn't really have much character outside of the 'swag' idea. However he does have his moments and it's always enjoyable to see a person outsmart his enemies instead of outfight them. I also like how Bond keeps on getting into trouble, especially how he had so many failed escape attempts: that does bring some realism (unlike that other Bond film when he took on the entire North Korean army singlehanded). I do not remember the girls AT ALL. One was named Pussy, oh haha. One was painted in gold, ok... One screws everything up. The point i'm making is that they all are so similar to each other and have almost no personality that I just don't care for them. Where this movie shines is in its villains; Goldfinger and Oddjob. Gold is very intelligent but his temper and brutality makes him dangerously unpredictable. Oddjob's muteness and indestructibility makes him mysterious and really intimidating. Overall this film feels more like a superhero story than a spy movie, with Bond basically playing the role of Batman but with fewer bat-weapons. I don't know why this film is so famous though, I think it's overrated, at least by today's standards. Still good, but definitely not the Citizen Kane of action, or even spy movies.

Sophie W (nl) wrote: Ce film prend de grandes libertes avec la version de La morte d'Arthur de Sir Thomas Malory . Cette adaptation place Mordred en epoux de Morgane "fille legitime d'Uther Pendragon". Deja, quand on connat bien ses classiques, on rigole. Ensuite on sourit devant Robert Taylor en Lancelot du lac carrement moins convainquant que dans Ivanohe.En revanche, Mel Ferrer est lui relativement credible dans le rle d'Arthur mais mal accompagn par Ava Gardner en Guenievre. On y croit pas, il n'y a aucune magie et les dcors sont en carton pte...Pourtant on se laisse prendre au jeu (pas tant des acteurs mis part Mel Ferrer) et on passe un bon moment.A voir donc pour dire: je l'ai vu et a ne vaut pas Excalibur. Car rien ne vaut Excalibur...

Stephen I (br) wrote: While its plot indeed held promise, The Forger lacks the thrills its premise held, instead going with slow pacing and laughably bad dialogue.Full Review: Every once in a while, we get a movie so bland, boring, and forgettable it feels like one of the least productive ways to kill an hour and a half. The Forger does just this, with an uninspired script and lazy production that's probably a result of nobody really caring. The romance subplot is typical and predictable. The movie tries often to add flare to its boring continuity by throwing in a few engaging elements, but ultimately doing nothing with them. Ultimately, the movie is just a predictable, typical, and forgettable experience you won't miss one bit.

Matthew U (br) wrote: Pretty good movie I enjoyed it