Aashiqui Not Allowed

Aashiqui Not Allowed

A prankster finds the tables have turned.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Panjabi
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A prankster finds the tables have turned. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gareth J (es) wrote: MYTH: There's no such things as monsters. FACT: Monsters are real and they look like you and me. Chilling in parts for its ability to portray the apathetic irreverence of soldiers towards the attrocities committed at Abu Ghraib during the Iraq War and for the surreal, somehow performative nature of the photos which documented the attrocity. However, compared to The Fog of War and especially The Thin Blue Line, this is one of Errol Morris' lesser works.

Jason J (gb) wrote: Average scary movie which has it's moments of an apartment driving it's lone young female occupant to committ suicide. After the latest death, the young girl's older sister decides to investigate why her sibling would do such a thing. It started out quite well but after a while it got boring. There's nothing in the least original about the storyline or in it's long haired ghost. The climax is shite. For hardcore Asian horror fans only.

Chase C (it) wrote: I hate that this movie was made and for some reason I have seen it. Who's that heart throb again Josh Hartnett??? O yeah no one remembers you and you look like you've been punched in the face by a running sander.

Archibald T (us) wrote: Wilson is dealing with the loss of his wife who randomly took her own life. His grief isn't exactly one of sadness, but of why? Why'd she do it? A note is left behind, but he doesn't want to read it. He just doesn't want to know. Not yet. He's still going through the grieving process, but it's HIS way of grief that he's dealing with. It's made him awkward in the work place and stilted when around friends. One woman tries to reach out to him, Maura, but it's too soon for him. Luckily, this isn't one of those predictable films where one person loses someone and someone else comes along and saves them. He confesses to her that he likes building model planes, but due to his recent habit of huffing gas it's only an explanation to her concerning the smell coming from his home. The gas huffing is symbolic in that his wife committed suicide by way of running the car in the garage.Random encounters with his mother in law turn into shouting matches over the letter she left behind. His model plane obsession and his huffing gas has clouded his mind as he tries to avoid ever reading the letter. Ironically this gasoline he collects and stores in his home only turns into a reason for him to read the letter and to forget about what has happen over the past few days. There are a few memorable scenes in this little acting showcase of Philip Seymour Hoffman. One in which involves Wilson going for a swim in a lake where a remote control boat race is taking place and also the ending where he decides to burn away the tragedy that had befallen him. It's a typical art house film about losing someone that doesn't hold up well due to Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance. It's a good performance, but it kind of makes the film be only that of a talent show for Philip. Some good music by Jim O'Rourke and performances by Hoffman and Kathy Bates are the only highlights of this befuddled tale of loss.

chris a (gb) wrote: just an awful movie all around

Daniel P (mx) wrote: It only superficially resembles its source material, but Sleepy Hollow puts the combined efforts of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Danny Elfman to appropriately creepy use.

Brett B (ru) wrote: Pretty typical high school comedy, nothing really stands out in either direction. Just meh, but worth watching if there is nothing else on.

Emma R (ag) wrote: this is one of my fav films at the moment.. mostly coz billy petersons in it... but it has a really clever script!

Ken S (kr) wrote: Years ago, a friend of mine in high school told me about some zombie movie that his dad had been in briefly. It was a movie made in our hometown, with Akron landmarks easily identified...I've long been curious to see the movie. Luckily a coworker just got the remastered version of this film on blu-ray, and I had my chance to see it! It isn't a brilliant piece of cinema, but as a cheapo zombie movie? It is kind of fun. The fact that I grew up within walking distance of some of the shooting locations elevated it for me. Zombie fans may find something cheap and fun...others need not apply.

Dave J (au) wrote: Thursday, March 22, 2012 (1967) Branded To Kill (In Japanese with English subtitles) ACTION A professional killer who has a thing for cooked rice branded as the #3 killer becomes the number 1 target after a botched job soughting all other killers to take him out, leaving his toughest foe the #1 killer being the hardest one to defend. Like "Tokyo Drifter", this one is very stylish but a little too much erotism than what I like to see on this type of film. They're some ingenious gunplay that is nothing like any other gun movie made during the 1960's, inspiring more films that use gun weaponry. 3 out of 4

Andy F (it) wrote: This plays ok as a sequel to The Wolf Man (which it mainly is) but Frankenstein gets thrown into the mix too. Lugosi is pretty poor as the monster (his size doesn't help!) but some of the scenes are nice, even if the story does fizzle out somewhat.

Ali T (mx) wrote: even know about most this movie is considered a classic I found it cool.