Aasmaan Mahal

Aasmaan Mahal


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Aasmaan Mahal torrent reviews

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Tim B (br) wrote: A decent attempt to rekindle the film-noir of old. but even val kilmer and the heart throb joanne whalley couldnt make this a classic

KJ P (au) wrote: "Another Earth" boasts from very strong performances all around, and I am usually a fan of indie films that have a small scope with big aspirations, but this one felt a little too ambitious. As a young woman is about to get a full-ride scholarship, her life is flipped upside down as she is sent to prison for killing a man's wife and daughter in a car crash. Years later she falls for that man, creating very sensitive storytelling. By big issue with this film is that there is this entire other planet that is supposedly a duplicate of ours, while never focussing enough on that aspect in my opinion. By the end of the film, the big shocker did not surprise me at all and I felt a little empty handed. I do think this film is very well-written, well-acted, and extremely well-directed, but the technical aspects fail in a few areas. In the end, "Another Earth" is almost too ambitious for it's own good, but I really enjoyed it. It is recommended to people who like to think outside of the box instead of being outside of the box.

Adrian Z (us) wrote: 4 - Relentlessly visceral thriller in which a dodgy - and very busy - compensation attorney (Darin) decides to leave his firm to gain independence and escape burn-out, only to find out the dangerous way that they are not willing to share turf in any way whatsoever. As he falls in love with a parademic (Gusman), their lives become increasingly complicated by the situation around them, so he hatches a last chance plan that will hopefully let them move on. Darin as always is excellent, but so is leading lady Martina Gusman, who I'm sure is doing some method acting here. She is absolutely believable as the strong parademic, able to keep her wits in just about any situation. And there are many incredible situations on display here. Pity the script later thrusts her into what seems at first an uncharacteristic drug addiction, which she plays less interestingly. Pablo Trapero's direction is stylish, and he keeps moving the picture along breathlessly. This is a fine example of how Argentinean cinema hasn't lost its edge yet.

Caitlin C (gb) wrote: i love the idea of the movie, a very fresh approach.

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Stuart K (fr) wrote: The feature film debut of Lynne Ramsay, who had done a few short films which had been financed by BBC Scotland. Ratcatcher grew out of one of Ramsay's shorts, and it made quite an impact upon release. While the setting may make it look like a hard hitting and gritty film, it has a poetic, sparse beauty about it. Rather like Terrence Malick's films have, and it has a haunting and eerie quality about it too. Set in Glasgow in 1973, in the squalid and rundown suburb of Govan, which has horrible living conditions and families living in rundown estates. 12 year old James (William Eadie), who is coming to terms over the death of his friend Ryan (Thomas McTaggart) who drowned in a nearby canal. James feels guilty for what happened, as he could have saved Ryan from drowning. To try and escape from the monotony of his squalid life and his family, he travels to the outskirts of Glasgow, and explores new estates being built, and he befriends Margaret Ann (Leanne Mullen), who is bullied by a local gang, and they find solace by hanging out together on the estate. It's a film which requires patience, but it pays off in the end, and for a film populated with non-professional actors, they all give convincing and moving performances, while most films set in Glasgow have a stigma of being down and gritty, this has a fantastical quality that sets it aside.

Eliabeth M (nl) wrote: The plot synopsis above is incorrect. The story is based around the relationship of two viol da gamba players. The master, Monsieur de Sainte Colombe, and his pupil, Marin Marais. The music is unbelievably exquisite..

Brian B (br) wrote: The remake is way better!

Ruth B (it) wrote: The characters are drawn incredibly and unnecessarily ugly, made it almost unwatchable. Amazed at all of the good reviews.

Matt B (de) wrote: Closer is an unforgettable, intelligently-made drama about four people who have no one left but each other. Patrick Marber's dialogue sweeps you off your feet.

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