Aatamin puvussa - ja vähän Eevankin...

Aatamin puvussa - ja vähän Eevankin...


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Aatamin puvussa - ja vähän Eevankin... torrent reviews

The G (ru) wrote: better than spring breakers.

George D (br) wrote: Keira Knightly should have won an Oscar for this movie! Absolutely fantastic acting. Thought provoking subject matter.

Matthew M (es) wrote: Timber Falls walks the fine line between genuine horror and genuine stupidity.

Craig F (jp) wrote: Shot this movie 20 years ago in Mt Pleasant SC..Great cast (Albert Finney has the most authentic Charleston accent I have ever heard from an actor), director (he did "Driving Miss Daisy")...Cool to see locales that have come and gone (they pull in front of Jimmy's Fireworks on the site where a massive town center is, the old Cooper RIver bridges are in sight and they show a Piggly Wiggly that is now my gym).

Doug C (mx) wrote: Jenny Agutter in 1971.. sort of holds the movie together. If it weren't for her adolescent burgeoning.. I don't think it would have worked because it is about adulthood more than anything else.

Sam M (us) wrote: Shot in a resplendent Eastmancolor, Gate of Hell, the first Japanese movie to be filmed in color, extracts poetry from the misery of man and the tragic destiny of tormented souls that recognize how oppressive feelings can be. You've rarely seen colors come alive in quite this way, very carefully matched against one another.Every frame of every shot is simply a formidable Japanese print. It is pure beauty. Its opening battle scenes partially shrouded behind billowing veils and banners, and the majestic flight of the troops from the burning imperial palace providing some of the most remarkable images. Developed in slow pace, this movie is 53 years old, and it still sparkles Those were the days when doing the right thing was the expected norm. All those who transgress their loyalties, and are beaten or unmasked, are sent to hell through its gat

Richard S (mx) wrote: Nick and Nora are at it again. Fun film.

James W (au) wrote: You'd think with such a tough sounding title there would be more violence and action but there isn't. An hour of dull pacing and gritty downbeat storytelling, Armored could've been great if there was suspense, a proper heist chase and more intrigue, don't get me wrong, the characters were great played by a top notch cast, especially Columbus Short who I think is brilliant, but the film isn't compelling enough. The last fifteen minutes is fun, an awesome truck crash, money bombs and a tense conclusion, but it's a pain to have to wait for something good to happen.

Eldin B (es) wrote: "We're takers, gents. That's what we do for a living. We take."Takers is a fitting name for this film. Seeing how it took from every heist film known to man. It felt like the cast was doing it for the paycheck. And someone tell T.I. and Chris Brown to stop acting.