• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revenge,   remake,   tragedy,  

The story is about Aathi (Vijay), is brought up in New Delhi (by foster parents Seetha and Manivannan) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan P (fr) wrote: The One I Love is a modern romance with a fantastic idea and mesmerizing performances from its two leads, as alternate versions of themselves. The end might be confusing and the idea is never fully realized, but the details and interplay between the characters is worth watching this film again.

Joanna B (kr) wrote: What happens when two childhood BFFs (Best Friends Forever) share a lifelong dream of each having the perfect storybook New York City Plaza Hotel June wedding are mistakenly scheduled for the same day, can they share in harmony? The answer is apparently not. This mind numbingly dull chick flick not only lacks stamina but is completely devoid of sass and attitude. Even though the concept of friend destroying friend over bride destroying groom is fresh, the idea is squandered in this strained predictable comedy by its lazy writing, miscalculated acting, bad timing and cavalier directing.Bride wars with its marginally sexist undertones tries to highlight the so called fact that all brides-to-be are materialistic, extravagant and wasteful bridezillas who will stop short of nothing to obtain that one perfect day. Obviously produced before the global economic downturn this film comes across as slightly insensitive and ill-timed. BFFs Liv (Kate Hudson, co-producer) a take-no-prisoners, my-way-or-the-highway man-eating attorney with an distressingly distracting pudding bowl fringe and Emma (Anne Hathaway) a submissively demure school teacher will little to no backbone live delightfully in there chummy ignorance.When both girls receive their little blue tiffany boxes, (well one receives and one demands) they are destined to live out their dreams of hiring exclusive wedding planner Marion St Claire (Candice Bergen) to make their fantasy June weddings come true. Luckily they went to the right person and were able to secure two separate dates, both in June at the ritzy Plaza Hotel location.With the dates booked and impending bliss only months away, Liv and Emma receive an unexpected summons from Marion where they are informed that due to a minor clerical error both bookings are now on the same day same time with no option of change. As the girls are determined to be each other's maid-of-honour a compromise on location must be met, but who will submit. Since childhood these two diametrically opposed idealistic schoolgirls have provided one another with personality balance in order to accomplish their goals. However, when faced with the prospect of one having to forfeit their perfect wedding the gloves come off and neither wants to back down.The following hour consists of an overwhelming barrage of backstabbing and sabotage. On a rampage, the girls unleash their vengeance in a shower of Junk food gift baskets, exuberant spray tanning and creative hair dying (this incident sadly is a direct rip off of Hudson's mother Goldie Hawn's first co-producing role in 1980's Private Benjamin) Leaving the girls torn, shattered and looking oddly reminiscent of an umpa-lumpa and smurf the movie turns on a more sombre note when the girls finally begin to realise that surely their friendship is worth more than one perfect day. A far cry from Hudson's notable breakout role in Almost Famous and Hathaway's forte for dramatics in Brokeback Mountain this movie leaves you wondering why either actress's would accept such meaninglessly mundane and shallow roles. The only glimpse of hope and humour injected with any calculated precision is by two strong supporting actresses, screen and stage veteran Kristen Johnston, (3rd Rock From the Sun) who plays an over bearing eccentric colleague of doormat Emma and the grossly underutilised sitcom icon Bergen. A noticeable missing element is the distinct lack of a strong male role. Delivering weak and rightly terrified boyfriends (Steve Howey and Chris Pratt) regrettably have the stage presence and personality of door knobs. The Verdict: Notwithstanding scathing reviews, Bride Wars will thrive in the usual Sex in the City style box office success. Relying heavily on repetitive Vera Wang jokes and tedious communication mishaps this movie is destined to living out is short life expectancy in the $6.98 bin in our local DVD stores. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 23/01/2009

Ross W (gb) wrote: very little good about this wannabe movie, the premise was great. The acting was horrible, the script was nothing special and the cinematography was sub par. Not worth the rental let alone watching it online.

Peter F (gb) wrote: A quiet film about the always rough subject of abortion. Director Mike Leigh keeps the movie fairly non-graphic (besides a few unsettling abortion depictions), and instead concentrates on a chilling portrayal of it's main character. A bit too long though, especially for a movie this unhappy.

Jamess K (br) wrote: Not bad at all, but the tone and acting is flawed. Still the final battle is one of the best i ve ever seen.

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Could be worth watching. Will find and devour with my eyes!

Carlos D (us) wrote: James L Brooks always gets it right! Albert Brooks did a terrific job,the only thing that bothered me a little was Holly Hunter,for some reason...i just can't stand her! everything else is pure gold!

Grant H (us) wrote: Eh, it was ok. Not the best Bond movie, but not the worst. Pretty good performance from Connery.

Katrina A (fr) wrote: The title says it all.

Matthew A (ca) wrote: An absurd man in a deliciously absurd film. Very stylish cinematography, inventive editing/tricks, just a dazzling experience. Hilarious, but also if you're in the right mood, you can certainly pick up existential undertones.

Mike B (mx) wrote: Mopes along and feels morose, meandering and pointless, which may be the sad winding point.

Jake A (us) wrote: A decent cast, some okay action and a couple of neat visuals are not enough to overcome a bland plot, shallow characters, poor script and a film as a whole that passes by with barely an impression. Just another video game movie adaption that fails on practically every level which is a shame since the games have a lot more to offer.

Matt R (it) wrote: Just awful. I mean, it looks pretty. But none of it makes sense. The first two thirds is straight forward disaster movie fodder which would have been fine. I could overlook the obvious nonsense that the plot hinges on our sun dying, but it can be restarted by a bomb the size of Manhattan ffs, and that for some reason we decided against the sensible idea of sending a robotic craft. But then they decided that wasn't enough and to go a bit "Event Horizon " on us for the ending. But it ends up being a mess.